2020 NFL New Orleans Saints Season Analysis

NFL New Orleans Saints Season Analysis

Written by on September 7, 2020

We are now just a matter of days away from the start of the season, which means that now might well be the best time to get in on the future bets in the NFL. Once teams start to pick up wins, you are going to see their odds shorten across the board, so now is when you are likely to get the best odds. We are going to look at all the teams in the league and talk about their chances of winning the division, conference, and Super Bowl, as well as looking at their win total for the year. The New Orleans Saints have Drew Brees returning to the fold after some concern that he might decide to retire this offseason. The Saints are arguably one of the best teams from top to bottom in the league, but what are their chances of going all the way this season? Let’s break down their NFL odds.

New Orleans Saints Season Analysis | NFL Betting Predictions

Saints Win Total (O/U 10 ½)

If you look at the last 3 seasons for the Saints, you see a team that has surpassed this total in each of those years. They have had 13 wins in each of the last 2 seasons, but they were also playing in a division where they were far and away the best team of the four. Things might be a little tougher this season, but this is still a team that should be in double digits in wins, barring any major injury issues. I am leaning towards the over for the Saints.

Saints to Win the Division (-110)

New Orleans were the overwhelming favorites to win the NFC South for the 4th straight season this year before the Tampa Bay Buccaneers went out and picked up Brady and a bunch of stellar free agents. They are still in as the favorite, but their path to a division crown may not be as smooth as it has been over the past couple of seasons. Still, while these are not the greatest odds, I still think that the Saints will win the division this season, but I would get in now, as the odds may shorten if they beat the Bucs in Week 1.

Saints to Win the Conference (+550)

The NFC was brutal last year, with 5 or 6 teams starting the season with a legitimate shot at winning it all. It was the San Francisco 49ers who came out on top, so it is perhaps no real surprise that they are in as the favorites again this season. This is going to be another difficult conference to get out of again this year, but the Saints are in among the favorites. After getting robbed in the Conference Championship Game a couple of years back, they were bounced early last season. I am not convinced that they win it this year.

Saints to Win the Super Bowl (+1100)

Since I am not sold on the idea of the Saints making it out of the NFC, it stands to reason that I don’t think they will win the Super Bowl. That is just my opinion, though, and there are certainly plenty of reasons why they might prove me wrong. That is a very nice price of you feel like taking a shot on the New Orleans Saints.

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