NFL Super Bowl 58 Betting Odds: Early Analysis, Tips and More

NFL Super Bowl 58 Betting Odds: Early Analysis, Tips and More

It seems like just moments ago, one of the most thrilling Super Bowls of our generation came to an end with the Chiefs narrowly getting by the Eagles. A true testament to the NFL’s popularity among bettors, television viewers, and fans in general, there has already been significant interest and action, and you guessed it… 2024 Super Bowl futures.


Early 2024 NFL Super Bowl Odds to Win | NFL Betting Analysis


Now, at this moment, with free agency and the draft yet to transpire, it is somewhat difficult to predict and forecast which teams will have a strong 2023-24 campaign and not only take part in the first mega (non-boxing) sporting event to be held in Las Vegas but hoist the trophy following its conclusion.

With any future wager, the recipe for success is to find a team that is undervalued and buy early on an entity (team) that has a great deal of potential. Given the aforementioned free agency period and draft yet to occur, never mind injuries that can occur in training camp, this requires not only great knowledge but a modicum of luck.

Look no further than the Eagles, who were a few bounces of the ball (and some say a referee’s whistle) away from winning the Lombardi Trophy. Philly was 50/1 and then 30/1 in May of last year following a few free-agent acquisitions.


Top of the Board

There are five teams that are currently priced at less than 10/1 to win the Super Bowl in Las Vegas next season. Given their short prices, none of these teams will come as a surprise to even the most casual NFL followers: Kansas City (+550), San Francisco (6/1), Buffalo (+650), Philadelphia (8/1), and Cincinnati (9/1).

Our personal take on futures and finding value that is unless you are absolutely convinced one of these teams is going to be there at the end next season, it does not make a lot of sense to invest even a small part of your bankroll on a team with such a short price so far away from the season with so many variables still at play.

Our best piece of advice for those who fancy one of the five favorites is to wait until the regular season begins, and if your team of choice gets off to a rough start, wait until the markets overreact and their price rises and jump on then.


Looking for Value

This is where futures wagers are worth their money, in spots where bettors can make high-risk, high-reward plays. Most likely, these prices are at the top, or pretty close to the top, of the value you can find with these teams. Obviously, there’s question marks and doubts surrounding these teams, but in layman’s terms, without these question marks and doubts, they wouldn’t have these high prices.

Four teams that we recommend taking a look at are: Detroit (30/1), Giants (35/1), Denver (45/1), and New England (50/1). In short, the reason we recommend taking a look at those teams are as follows:

Lions: Coach Dan Campbell is in Year 3, so there’s pressure on him to win, but besides that, his no-holds-barred style and approach has worked with this team. The division is pretty weak, and Jared Goff is as solid as any quarterback in the conference. Detroit went 9-8 last year and could take a step forward.

Giants: Giants made a return to the playoffs under first-year leader and NFL Coach of the Year Brian Daboll. Expect a step forward next season. The division is the opposite of the NFC North, where the Lions reside, but the Giants could be players in the free-agent market and are on the come.

Broncos: The Broncos have been a less-than-average football team the past six seasons, failing to crack the .500 mark in each. Enter Sean Payton, one of football’s most innovative coaches and a winning one at that. In 2006, Payton inherited a Saints team that went 3-13 under Jim Haslett the previous year and led them to a 10-6 record and a spot in the NFC title game.

In addition to that, Russell Wilson may not be a premier NFL signal caller at this stage of his career but he is a proven commodity. Plus, recent reports have Payton luring defensive mastermind Rex Ryan away from his television gig and with the organization as defensive coordinator.

Patriots: The Patriots have been synonymous with winning and success. While one of the main causes of the winning (Tom Brady) is long gone, coach Bill Belichick is still at the controls. The AFC East may have a dominant team at the top ion the Bills, but Miami and the Jets have a ton of questions and a quarterback.

The Patriots have a solid running game and some superstars on defense, especially Matthew Judon, and can certainly make a run given their soft schedule and fact that the “hoodie” is still calling the shots.

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