Clock Ticking! Potential Round 2 Betting Matchups Take Shape in the NHL Playoffs Odds

Clock Ticking! Potential Round 2 Betting Matchups Take Shape in the NHL Playoffs Odds

Possible Round 2 Matchups: The opening round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is still happening as we speak, and while there are still several series to be decided, the Round 2 picture is beginning to come into focus.

The First Round culminates on May 5 with games #7, and currently in the Eastern Conference the Panthers, Rangers and Hurricanes have qualified to the next round, while in the Western Conference only the Avalanche have their ticket to the next phase.


My Analysis

By the time the weekend rolls around, things should be clearer still, as we may well see another few teams move on to the next round. Who will those teams be? I certainly have some ideas as to who I think will move on, so now seems like the perfect time to try and break it all down. With that in mind, let’s dust off the old crystal ball, take a peek, and talk about the potential Stanley Cup Round 2 matchups.


NHL Western Conference Odds

Carolina Hurricanes +200
Florida Panthers +232
NY Rangers +330
Boston Bruins +540
Toronto Maple Leafs +2100

At the top of the bracket, we already have one team that has punched their ticket into Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. That would be the Colorado Avalanche, who made short work of the Winnipeg Jets, winning the series 4-1. They will face either the Dallas Stars or the Vegas Golden Knights, who are tied up 2-2 in a series that I predicted would go 7 games. I took Vegas to move on in this one, but it really is beginning to look like a total coin flip.

Down in the lower part of the bracket, we have both series still waiting to be decided. The Vancouver Canucks hold a 3-2 edge over the Nashville Predators, and with one game still to come on home ice, if required, I don’t see Vancouver letting this advantage slip. Full credit to the Predators, though, for making this a series. In the other series in this part of the Bracket, the Edmonton Oilers appear to be in full control, as they hold a 3-1 lead over the LA Kings. I think we could well see this one close out in Game 5.


NHL Eastern Conference Odds

Edmonton Oilers +208
Colorado Avalanche +230
Dallas Stars +460
Vancouver Canucks +770
Vegas Golden Knights +830
Nashville Predators +2700
LA Kings +6800

The picture is a good deal clearer over in the Eastern Conference, with 3 of the 4 series already decided. At the top of the bracket, the Florida Panthers made short work of the Tampa Bay Lightning, winning that series in 5 games, but they might need to wait a minute to learn who they will face in Round 2. The Leafs and Bruins, as predicted, are locked in a tight struggle, with that series knotted at 2-2. I still like the Bruins to move on in this one, but it might well take the full 7 games.

In the bottom half of the bracket, we have the Round 2 matchup all set and ready to go. The New York Rangers looked very good in the opening round of the playoffs, sweeping the Washington Capitals in 4 games. Things are about to get a good deal tough for them, though, as they will be up against the Carolina Hurricanes in the 2nd round. Carolina also made things look rather easy, dispatching the New York Islanders 4-1 in their opening round series. This impending matchup has the potential to be one of the best that the Round 2 series has to offer.


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