FIFA World Cup: CONMEBOL Qualifying Games: 10/10 Betting Previews

FIFA World Cup: CONMEBOL Qualifying Games: 10/10 Betting Previews

Written by on October 8, 2021

CONMEBOL FIFA World Cup Qualifying matches continue on Sunday. No doubt the day’s top match pits Uruguay against Messi and Argentina. Also on tap are matchups between Peru and Bolivia, Ecuador versus Venezuela, Paraguay versus Chile, and a classic South American battle between Brazil and Colombia. Check out FIFA World Cup odds, analysis, and free picks for this Sunday’s CONMEBOL WC qualifiers.

FIFA World Cup Qualifying Games – CONMEBOL – Oct. 10

Peru +129 vs. Bolivia +220

When: Sunday, Oct. 10

Bolivia’s 1-1 draw with Colombia on Sep. 2 shows that, at times, the Bolivians can hang with CONMEBOL’s best teams.

Also on Sep. 2, Peru drew 1-1 with Uruguay. The Peruvians followed up the draw with  a 1-0 victory against Venezuela on Sep. 5 and an 0-2 loss to Brazil on Sep. 9.

The Peruvians face arguably the worst team in CONMEBOL on Sunday. The Peruvians pushed Brazil at the Copa America earlier this year. They should have no trouble grabbing a victory over Bolivia.  

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Ecuador +106 vs. Venezuela +265

When: Sunday, Oct. 10

One of the biggest debates in CONMEBOL is whether Venezuela or Bolivia is the worst team. Bolivia is bad. Venezuela may be worse.

Peru beat Venezuela 1-0 in a Copa America match in June. In September, Venezuela lost all 3 matches, 1-3 to Argentina, 1-0 to Peru and 2-1 to Paraguay.

Venezuela forced a 2-2 draw with Ecuador at the Copa. So there is some hope from Venezuela’s fans that they can hang with a quality team like Ecuador. But Ecuador drew with Chile on Sep. 5 and beat Paraguay 2-0 three days earlier on Sep. 2.

Ecuador has no excuses. They should easily beat Venezuela.

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Brazil +109 vs. Colombia +255

When: Sunday, Oct. 10

This should be an excellent match. Both teams are playing great. Brazil is as dominant as ever. The Brazilians beat Chile 1-0 on Sep. 2 and blasted Peru 2-0 on Sep. 9.

Colombia dusted Chile 3-1 on Sep. 9. In the last head-to-head, a Copa America match on June 23, Brazil prevailed, beating the Colombians 2-1. This match happens in Colombia, though.

Still, even though Colombia has home pitch advantage, Brazil is on another level. The Brazilians won’t lose this match.

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Uruguay +350 vs. Argentina -129

When: Sunday, Oct. 10

One could look and see how Messi scored all three goals in Argentina’s 3-0 victory against Bolivia on Sep. 9 and assume the Copa America champs are Messi and no one else. That’s a mistake.

Argentina is loaded. Lautaro Martinez has scored 5 goals in 6 matches for Inter Milan. He’s on the cusp of becoming Argentina’s best player.

Nicolas Ontamendi starts for Benfica, the Portuguese Liga’s top team. Angel Correa, who often spells Martinez, starts for Atletico Madrid. Argentina is a top international team. They should have no trouble handling Uruguay on their home field.

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Paraguay +295 vs. Chile -108

When: Sunday, Oct. 10

Chile didn’t have a great September, falling to Brazil 0-1, Colombia 3-1, and drawing 0-0 with Ecuador. But Chile is the home team, which is why they’re getting the benefit of the doubt.

Paraguay struggled in their first couple of matches in September, losing to Ecuador 0-2 and drawing with Colombia 1-1. The Paraguyans beat the Venezuelans 2-1 on Sep. 9.

At the Copa America, in the last head-to-head, Paraguay dusted Chile 2-0. The Paraguyans offer overlay odds while Chile’s odds make the home team an underlay.

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