E-Sports Betting 101: League of Legends

E-Sports Betting 101: League of Legends

Online sports video games have been around for quite a while, so it comes as no surprise that eSports found a way to tap into this readily-flowing market by introducing some of the most addictive and exhilarating games to serve their millions of customers. What is surprising, though, is the manner in which the League of Legends, a multiplayer battle game developed by Riot Games has taken world of online gaming by storm, providing arguably the biggest E-sports online betting spectacle ever in the history of online games.

Not only are the biggest icons of the sports world, like Shaq and A-Rod, investing into it, but the online multiplayer battle arena game has its matches telecasted in countries like Korea during prime time, while attracting millions of viewers, players and bettors from across the world on a weekly basis, with some academic institutions like the University of California, Irvine going as far as offering a League of Legends eSports scholarship program. And now that streaming is the new way of staying up-to-date with the latest news (especially in the US and Europe), the League of Legends is spreading like a wildfire; staying true to its name that it is really a League of Legends.

ESports Betting 101: What is the League of Legends and How is it Played?

The League of Legends is a game that was built from the ground up to become a sport. In essence, it a five-on-five competitive team-based battle sport that is played in around 35 to 45 munities. Given the variety of levels and gaming options it offers, the LOL game helps you to work on your game and get better because no two games are ever the same. In addition, the varying nature of opponents, particularly in the online gaming world, offers a wide range of interesting challenges to its gamers.

Initially, the game was established for the purposes of enjoyment among players, but due to its increased popularity, eSports introduced aspects such as live broadcasts of tournaments and online telecast of matches, giving its viewers a live-event experience that has the same quality as pro sports.

So famous is the League of Legends in today’s world that some gamers are quitting their day jobs to fully concentrate on becoming paid players, sort of in the same way pro athletes are paid salaries to compete on teams. The salaries for these gamers cover the basic cost of living for players, and are augmented by stipends that cover things like housing and travel costs during tournaments and all. These, added to sponsor revenues and cash prizes received from winning matches and tournament, along with the playoff and championship rounds of LOL, are some of the reasons why the League of Legends is highly regarded as any other major pro sports like the NBA or NFL.

Betting on the League of Legends

Like in the NBA or NFL, the League of Legends allows you to bet on individual teams and events. For example, you can bet on a team known as the League of Legends squad to win the North American League Championship Series Spring Split, or alternatively wager on their opponents, depending on who you support. If betting on an event’s winner is not you cup of tea, you can opt to bet on issues such as number of kills in a game, how many rounds it will take to win a playoff games, whether the total number of kills in a game will be “even” or “odd”, among other aspects. With that, learning about the League of Legends and ways in which you can become a winner is therefore very important if you are to make good-value bets.