NFL Draft Betting Odds Opportunities 2023

NFL Draft Betting Odds Opportunities 2023

Written by on January 25, 2023

After the Super Bowl on February 12, the NFL will go almost seven months without another meaningful game. But thanks to the spectacle that is the annual NFL Draft, wagering on football doesn’t need to stop.

Number 1 Draft Pick

The NFL Draft naturally starts with the first overall pick, and that is where most of the betting begins as well. The Chicago Bears currently have the top pick, and they will either use it to build around their young quarterback, Justin Fields, or they will trade it to a team in need of a new young quarterback.

Most oddsmakers think a trade is what will happen, with the two favorites to go No. 1 both playing quarterback. Three of the top five realistic possibilities are all quarterbacks.

  • Bryce Young (-135)
  • C.J. Stroud (+250)
  • Jalen Carter (+550)
  • Will Levis (+550)
  • Will Anderson (+750)

Alabama quarterback Bryce Young is the favorite, and after his performance in the Sugar Bowl, it’s easy to see why. If the Bears keep the pick, they can’t do much better than Jalen Carter, a two-time National Championship-winning defensive tackle from Georgia.

Second, Third, Fourth Picks, Etc.

This far away from the draft, the only posted odds at the moment are for the first overall pick. But as we get closer to April 27th and the first round of the draft, there will be posted odds and the ability to bet on a number of the specific picks in the draft.

When the top pick in the draft is an obvious choice, as it was with Trevor Lawrence in 2021, picking the No. 2 overall pick is where you can start making money. And the further down the line the top-five gets, generally the greater the odds and the bigger the payout.

Top Pick at Each Position

Matching players to teams can be challenging, but ranking players at specific positions can come with more certainty. So if this is how you would like to wager, you can. There will be available bets on who will be the first player taken at each position.

The top quarterback, top wide receiver, the first offensive tackle selected – all will be bets that have odds as we get closer to the NFL Draft.

Players Drafted by Position, School, and Conference

We know that there will be more cornerbacks taken in the draft than quarterbacks. But just how many corners will be selected by the 32 teams? You can bet on that.

It’s a great source of pride for Notre Dame that they have the most NFL Draft picks in history. Even more so because the college in second place is USC, just three picks behind them. If you want to bet on which college team will have the most players selected in this year’s draft, you can. Georgia led all schools in 2022 with 15 players drafted.

Not surprisingly, the SEC had 65 players drafted in 2022, easily beating the second-place Big Ten, who had 48. Betting on which conference has the most picks will be very popular come draft day.


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