NFL Super Bowl 57 Odds, Betting Favorites & Analysis For Week 17

NFL Super Bowl 57 Odds, Betting Favorites & Analysis For Week 17

We are getting down to the nitty gritty in the NFL regular season, as there are now just 2 weeks remaining and only 3 playoff spots to be filled. Last week saw some more results that had an impact on the seedings in both conferences, as well as in changing the odds to win the Super Bowl. We have been following those odds changes for a few weeks now and will continue to do so in order to help you find the perfect time to pull the trigger on your Super Bowl winning wagers. As we do every week, let’s take a look at the Super Bowl Betting current favorites, the smart picks, and the longshots that might upset the postseason apple cart.

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Another week and another win for the Buffalo Bills, who saw their odds shorten from +350 to +340 as they moved one step closer to the #1 seed in the AFC. The Bills have now won 6 in a row and very much look like the deserving favorite to win it all this season. The Kansas City Chiefs are right there with them, though, sitting with the same 12-3 record as the Bills. As we mentioned last week when the Chiefs were at +500, that was likely going to be the best odds you would get, as they are now back to +440. The Eagles lost to Dallas this past weekend, although they were without Jalen Hurts, and saw their odds go from +430 to +450.

Smart Picks

The seedings are going to be absolutely critical, as they will determine when the Bills and Chiefs will be likely to meet in the postseason, assuming that they even do. We all seem to believe that they are on a collision course, but the reality is that the Cincinnati Bengals have owned the Chiefs of late and are on a 7-game win streak that has seen their odds shorten to +780. They really are looking like the smart pick at the moment, although whether they can get past the Bills remains to be seen.

The Philadelphia Eagles lost just their 2nd game of the season to the Cowboys last weekend, but as we mentioned, their starting QB was on the sidelines with an injury. To me, they still look to be the smart pick in the NFC, but it does look as though another meeting with the Cowboys might be on the cards, although the red-hot San Francisco 49ers (+590) might just have something to say about that.


Despite being the furthers thing from convincing, the Baltimore Ravens continue to find ways to win and are now at 10-5 on the season. The bookies seem to share my concerns about this team, as they have them in at +2400. In the NFC, the Cowboys still look like a very good longshot pick at their current odds of +1025. I think you also need to take a serious look at the 12-3 Minnesota Vikings (+2400), who are somehow flying under the radar as they continue to win and push for the #1 seed, which admittedly looks to still be out of reach, even with the Eagles losing.


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