NBA 2021 Playoffs Predictions That Can Affect Your Bets

NBA 2021 Playoffs Predictions That Can Affect Your Bets

Written by on May 4, 2021

With just 2 weeks left in the NBA regular season, it is certainly not too soon to start thinking about how you are going to wager in the playoffs. There is still, of course, the final seedings to be taken care of, which is going to have an impact on how you play. There are going to be some series that will be as good as a lock, while there are others that you might want to leave alone, which is very often when we see the #4 and #5 teams lock horns. Let’s take a look at what the playoff picture looks like now, as well as the potential matchups so you can keep betting against their NBA Playoffs odds.

NBA Playoff Picture At the Moment: Things To Consider That Could Affect Your Bets

Eastern Conference

As it stands right now, we would have the Celtics and the Hornets going head-to-head in the #7 and #8 playoff game, while the loser of that one would take on the winner of the Pacers/Wizards matchup. That, though, is not set in stone, as these seedings could very well change in the next 2 weeks. The Wizards in particular might be able to move up, as they are hot right now. The Celtics could also potentially climb out of the play-in game and move ahead of either the Hawks or the Heat.

Realistically, the 76ers and Nets are going to be #1 and #2, although at just a ½ game apart, it’s anyone’s guess as to who gets the top seed. Regardless of who land it, you have to like both of them to move on, no matter who comes out of the play-in tournament. The Bucks would also look like a good bet against whichever team lands in the #6 spot, but the 4 and 5 series could be a coin flip. The Knicks are the team to watch out for as a dark horse right now. They are the one team that could have a real impact on how you wager if they continue to roll.

Western Conference

There are a pair of great battles going on in the West right now, starting with the #6 seed. The Mavericks, Lakers, and Trail Blazers are all basically tied, with 2 of those 3 set to automatically make the playoffs, while the other is doomed to the play-in tournament. Given the current state of affairs in LA, we might well see the injury-plagued Lakers drop into the tournament, where they would face either the Grizzlies, Warriors, or Spurs. This could have a major impact on how you bet, especially if the Lakers injury problems aren’t over once the postseason begins.

The other battle is at the top, where the Jazz and the Suns are duking it out for the #1 seed. It is the Suns who look the more likely at the moment, but a lot can change in a couple of weeks. Where things get interesting is of the Lakers do fall into the play-in tournament and come out of it in one piece. They would then have to face one of the top 2 teams. Would you guys wager on that series or skip it? The teams in the 3 and 4 spots, the Nuggets and Clippers, are going to be battling it out for seeding coming down the stretch, but you would like both to move past the first round. Again, that could all change depending on how the final seedings look.


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