NFL Buffalo Bills Offense In-Depth Betting Analysis

NFL Buffalo Bills Offense In-Depth Betting Analysis

In the NFL, or any professional sport for that matter, you are only as good as your last season. Countless times, we have seen offenses or defenses dominate, only to fall apart the following season when everyone had them in as a favorite. Of course, drop offs are sometimes due to players leaving in the offseason, but other times, it is one or two players having an off year or injuries to key personnel. All of that said, we can still make pretty good guesses about how a particular unit might look in the coming season based on the players they have at their disposal, as well as previous performances. That is what we will be looking at with the Buffalo Bills offense. Are they ready to deliver the goods again, or will they take a step back this season? Let’s try to answer that question so you can be ready to plan your bets against their NFL odds.

Buffalo Bills Offense Expert Analysis For the 2021-22 NFL Season

The Bills Offense in 2020

There were more than a few people ready to declare QB Josh Allen as a bust, or at least unworthy of an NFL starting job, heading into 2020. He put all of that to rest by delivering an amazing season, aided by a great group of players on the offense. The Bills strolled to the AFC East Division title with a 13-3 record and did so with some spectacular offensive play. They put up 501 points, which was the best in the conference, and were one of only 2 teams, the Packers being the other to cross the 500-point mark.

The Bills finished 2ns behind the Chiefs in YPG, putting up an average of 396.4 YPG during the regular season. The impact of Josh Allen can be seen in their 288.8 YPG in passing, which had them 3rd in the league in that category. One area of concern was the running game, with the Bills managing just 107.7 YPG, which had then down near the bottom of the league.

For this team to really put the hammer down this season and take that next step, they need to find a bit more balance between the pass and the run.

The Bills Offensive Outlook in 2021

If you look at the NFL analytics for this coming season, you see that the Bills are projected to have the 5th best offense in the league in 2021. They have not really made any wholesale changes from the 2020 season and have the majority of their starters returning to the offense, which is a good thing when you made it all the way to the AFC Championship last season.

Josh Allen is the key to success again this season. If he even gets close to playing as he did last season, which seems likely, the Bills will be in good shape. He does, though, need some help from the running game, with most of the work there probably going the way of Devin Singletary. The run game disappeared in the playoffs last season, which is certainly a problem. You need offensive balance to beat the best teams in the league, so this is probably their main area of concern.

With most of their key personnel returning to the fold, it is not unreasonable to expect the Bills to repeat as division champions in 2021. I hate to keep hammering on the same point, but they need to improve on the ground if a trip to the Super Bowl is to become a reality.

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