Bet on NFL Week 13 Games Now: All the Matchups for the Week

Written by on May 27, 2024

The most intriguing game in NFL Week 13 is on Sunday night when Purdy and the 49ers head to Buffalo to battle Josh Allen and the Bills.

Being Week 13 of the season, some playoff spots may already be clinched, while other teams may be fighting for a Wild Card berth, so keep in mind how this can affect how teams approach these games.


NFL Football Lines Week Thirteen

2024 NFL Season | 105th season of the National Football League
Week 13: Thursday, November 28th – Monday, December 2nd, 2024


Betting 2024 NFL Week 13 Calendar Odds | Spread, Moneyline and Totals for the Matchups

Date Spread Moneyline Over Under
Thurs, Nov. 28 Bears at Lions Bears; Lions N/A
Thurs, Nov. 28 Giants at Cowboys Giants; Cowboys N/A
Thurs, Nov. 28 Dolphins at Packers Dolphins; Packers N/A
Fri,, November 29 Raiders at Chiefs Raiders; Chiefs N/A
Sun, Dec. 1 Chargers at Falcons Chargers; Falcons N/A
Sun, Dec. 1 Steelers at Bengals Steelers; Bengals N/A
Sun, Dec. 1 Texans at Jaguars Texans; Jaguars N/A
Sun, Dec. 1 Cardinals at Vikings Cardinals; Vikings N/A
Sun, Dec. 1 Colts at Patriots Colts; Patriots N/A
Sun, Dec. 1 Seahawks at Jets Seahawks; Jets N/A
Sun, Dec. 1 Titans at Commanders Titans; Commanders N/A
Sun, Dec. 1 Buccaneers at Panthers Buccaneers; Panthers N/A
Sun, Dec. 1 Rams at Saints Rams; Saints N/A
Sun, Dec. 1 Eagles at Ravens Eagles; Ravens N/A
Sun, Dec. 1 49ers at Bills 49ers; Bills N/A
Mon, Dec. 2 Browns at Broncos Browns; Broncos N/A


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2023 NFL Week 13 Calendear and Odds

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2023 NFL Week 13 Dates: 12/1 – 12/5

BYE WEEK: Ravens, Bills, Bears, Raiders, Vikings, Giants

Date Spread Moneyline Over Under
Thurs, Nov. 30 Cowboys (-8.5) at Seahawks Cowboys -425; Seahawks +330 46.5
Sun, Dec. 3 Dolphins (-9.5) at Commanders Dolphins -425; Commanders +330 50.5
Sun, Dec. 3 Cardinals at Steelers (-5.5) Cardinals +185; Steelers -225 39.5
Sun, Dec. 3 Panthers at Buccaneers (-5) Panthers +185; Buccaneers -225 37.5
Sun, Dec. 3 Falcons (-3) at Jets Falcons -142; Jets +120 34
Sun, Dec. 3 Lions (-4) at Saints Lions -192; Saints +160 45.5
Sun, Dec. 3 Chargers (-4) at Patriots Chargers -245; Patriots +200 40.5
Sun, Dec. 3 Colts at Titans (-2.5) Colts -135 ; Titans +114 43
Sun, Dec. 3 Broncos at Texans (-3.5) Broncos +150; Texans -180 46
Sun, Dec. 3 Browns at Rams (-4.5) Browns +170; Rams -205 39.5
Sun, Dec. 3 49ers (-2.5) at Eagles 49ers -142; Eagles +120 47
Sun, Dec. 3 Chiefs (-6.5) at Packers Chiefs -258; Packers +210 42.5
Sun, Dec. 3 Bengals at Jaguars (-8.5) Bengals +310; Jaguars -395 39

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