Top 5 NFL 2020 Offensive Players Expert Analysis

Top 5 NFL 2020 Offensive Players Expert Analysis

Written by on September 21, 2020

It is often said that defense wins championships, and while that might be true to some extent, the reality is that it’s exciting offensive plays that get us out of our seats when we watch football. Thankfully, there are plenty of players in the league who have made a habit of delivering the excitement, while also posting some ridiculous video game style stats and plays. Breaking that group down into a top 5 is tough, and we will say that while this list is numbered, it is in no particular order. With that in mind, let’s talk about the top 5 NFL offensive players so you can set down your bets against their NFL odds.

Top 5 Offensive Players in 2020 | NFL Betting

  1. Patrick Mahomes – The moment that we saw Mahomes toss a weird sidearm, no-look pass completion, we all knew that we were watching something special. He went out and proved that last season by leading the Kansas City Chiefs to the Super Bowl. The Chiefs spent much of that game playing catch-up, but even when all looked lost, you always had the feeling that Mahomes would find a way to dig them out of the hole and lead them to victory, which is exactly what he did.
  2. Lamar Jackson – There were a lot of people who question the Baltimore Raven’s decision to draft Jackson as their QB of the future. They felt that his style would not translate to the NFL, but he has proven everyone wrong. He shattered all kinds of records in 2019, including Michael Vick’s QB rushing record, which a lot of people thought would never be touched. Jackson won the MVP last season, but the only reason I have him sitting behind Mahomes in this list is because he has yet to deliver the goods in the postseason.
  3. Michael Thomas – 2019 was a great one for WR Michael Thomas, as he was leaps and bounds ahead of every other receiver in the league. He made 149 catches, a ridiculous total, last season and racked up 1,725 yards of offense. He has amassed over 5,500 yards in just 4 seasons in the league, so it is disappointing that he is struggling with ankle issues at the moment. Given what we have seen from Thomas, he will be back and as good as ever.
  4. Christian McCaffrey – Outside of the QB’s in the league, is there any player more important to their team that Christian McCaffrey is to the Carolina Panthers? Coming into his 4th season in the league, McCaffrey is the best dual-threat player in the league by a country mile. Given what he has delivered in his first few seasons, it seems odd to call last year a breakout season, but it was the first time that he surpassed 1,000 yards in rushing and receiving in a single season. The bad news is that he looks set to be out for a few weeks with an ankle injury.
  5. Russell Wilson – If you have watched Russell Wilson play, you already know that no offensive play is ever really dead until he is on the ground and the whistle goes. Wilson looks like a video game player at times, scampering all over the field to escape charging defensive players before heaving an inch perfect TD pass. That these types of plays happen over and over again with him is why he is in this top 5.

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