NFL Win-Loss Predictions For Every AFC Team in the 2024/25 Schedule

NFL Win-Loss Predictions For Every AFC Team in the 2024/25 Schedule

While the NFL offseason always feels way too long, there are several markers that indicate we are getting closer to the start.

We hit one of those on Wednesday night with the release of the 2024-25 schedule.


My Analysis

While we all had a feeling about how things might go for every team in the league this season, we now have a lot more to work with given that we know who will be playing who and when, With that in mind, let’s look at the win totals for every team in the AFC and make NFL betting predictions on the OVER/UNDER, keeping in mind that these picks might change over time.


AFC East Division Odds

Buffalo Bills Regular Season Wins 10 ½

The Bills made some big moves in the offseason that have the potential to blow up in their face. The division looks to be stronger this year and I think the Bills take a small backward step. UNDER.

Miami Dolphins Regular Season Wins 9 ½

I think this might be the year when the Dolphins leapfrog the Bills and take control of the East, which is why I think they hit double digits and go OVER.

New York Jets Regular Season Wins 9 ½

Aaron Rodgers will be back in the fold this season, but how will a year away from the game have affected him? If he can stay healthy, the Jets could be a factor and could go OVER.

New England Patriots Regular Season Wins 5 ½

With Bill Belichick gone, it’s the end of an era in New England, which also means the start of a rebuild. This could be a long, painful season. UNDER.


AFC North Division Odds

Baltimore Ravens Regular Season Wins 11 ½

The Ravens have been knocking on the championship door for a few years now. Is this when they get over the hump? It probably all depends on the health of Lamar Jackson. UNDER.

Cleveland Browns Regular Season Wins 8 ½

There were some real injury issues for the Browns last season, but they still managed 11 wins. I don’t think they get near that total this time around. UNDER.

Pittsburgh Steelers Regular Season Wins 7 ½

A whole new offense and an absolutely brutal second half schedule, yet there is real hope in Pittsburgh for the first time in a while. Also, Tomlin has never had a losing season. OVER.

Cincinnati Bengals Regular Season Wins 10 ½

Joe Burrow will be back and ready to go, but there are now some genuine concerns about his ability to stay healthy. If we assume he can stay healthy, then OVER.



AFC South Division Odds

Houston Texans Regular Season Wins 9 ½

The sky seems to be the limit for CJ Stroud, who had a stellar rookie season. If he can even get close to that performance, then this is an easy OVER.

Jacksonville Jaguars Regular Season Wins 8 ½

It was a lack of consistency that hurt the Jaguars last season, so they need to do better with that this time around. I am just not sold on this team, so I am taking the UNDER.

Indianapolis Colts Regular Season Wins 8 ½

The fate of the Colts may well hinge on just how well Anthony Richardson recovers from shoulder surgery. If he is fit and can play all year, they may sneak OVER.

Tennessee Titans Regular Season Wins 6 ½

It’s rebuilding time in Tennessee, which often means that a poor season is coming. UNDER.


AFC West Division Odds

Kansas City Chiefs Regular Season Wins 11 ½

We can generally now accept that the Chiefs are all but guaranteed a double-digit win season, but this number feels a ½ point too high. UNDER.

Las Vegas Raiders Regular Season Wins 6 ½

There are some real concerns at the QB spot in Vegas, which is going to make a playoff spot tough. Still, I think they can do just enough to go OVER.

Denver Broncos Regular Season Wins 5 ½

We will have a pair of young QBs battling it out for the starting spot in what feels like a rebuild year. I am all about the UNDER.

LA Chargers Regular Season Wins 8 ½

It was a nightmare year for the Chargers last season, but they may get a bit of a bounce under new head coach, Jim Harbaugh. Expect better, and perhaps the OVER.

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