How to Bet on UFC: Money Line and Prop Betting

One of the most popular trends in betting has become UFC bouts. Because most gamblers who want to bet on UFC are motivated more by the novelty than by an actual knowledge of the ins and outs of this sport, though, they end up losing a lot of money. Understanding how the odds for UFC and MMA bouts work can go a long way toward keeping you from losing money.

So, How Do You Bet On UFC?

If you’re interested in betting on UFC bouts, you need to know how the numbers work. Unlike basketball or football, in which games feature a point spread between the two teams, UFC fights come with odds that are known as moneylines. A moneyline gives a sportsbook a way to even the risk out by keeping half of the betting public on either side of the wager, just like a point spread works with games. Let’s say that a major UFC star is taking on some tomato can or a novice in his first big fight, the star would be an immense favorite, perhaps listed at -4000, or 40 to 1 odds. Without moneylines, bettors could just put their money down on the favorite each time. However, the bookmakers would go bankrupt – and there wouldn’t be anyone to take those bets anymore.

Consider the case of a more competitive fight, though. Let’s say that Tito Ortiz is taking on Rashad Evans. When you look at the wager listings, you see Ortiz at -140 and Evans at +120. This means that Ortiz is the favorite. If you bet $1.40, you win $1 (plus your original stake, so you walk away with $2.40). If you bet $100 on Evans, you get $120 plus your stake, so a total of $220. As bets come in on both sides of a fight, the moneylines shift over time, in order to keep the balance as even on both sides as possible. Once you place a bet, you get to keep your original moneyline, but it’s important to monitor the change after you bet, as news of an injury or some other factor may have emerged that you need to know about before you let the bet go live.

Other Factors To Consider Before Betting On UFC…

Right now, a little more than half of the best sportsbooks offer UFC action. offers competitive lines as well as quick payouts on factory. There’s nothing worse than winning a big chunk of change on a bout and then having to wait days and days for the money to get released. That’s a red flag for a bookmaker to do that, as it could mean a lack of liquidity on his end. You don’t want to end up stuck in a situation where your cash is locked away after you’ve won it.


As with any sport that you bet on, you’ll want to do your homework before you place your bet. Impulse betting, whether it’s on UFC action or on your favorite NFL team’s next game, is a surefire way to see your bankroll shrink. Instead, make sure that you take the time to understand the pluses and minuses with each fighter. Pay attention to injury reports and expert previews. With hard work, you can turn UFC betting into a moneymaker that will pay off even more as time goes by. For the serious gambler, that kind of research is just part of doing business.


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