NBA Conferences Championship Betting Update for Mid-Season

NBA Conferences Championship Betting Update for Mid-Season

We are just about at the midway point of the NBA season, and we have to say that both conferences are tight at the moment, with no one team really looking like a runaway favorite. It is the same story in basically 5 of the 6 division races, but the question now is who will come out on top? That is what we are going to look at today, as we will dive into each division and choose a projected winner, so we’re going at it for you to take advantage of NBA betting.

Halfway through the Regular Season: Projected Division Winners | NBA Betting Picks


Atlantic Division

It is the Boston Celtics who have the lead at the moment, but the Brooklyn Nets are just a game and a half out of top spot and rolling. The Nets have won 9 of their last 10 games and look to be gathering steam, while Boston has played .500 ball over the last 10. The 76ers are just 3 games out of first, but in the end, I think it will be Brooklyn that takes control in the second half of the season. You can take the Nets to win the division now at odds of +238.

Central Division

We have another tight battle taking place here, with the Milwaukee Bucks holding a slender ½ game lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Indiana Pacers are 4 ½ games out of first and could still be a factor, but I’m not so sure I see that happening. They say that cream has a way of rising to the top, which is what I think will happen here. I like the Bucks, who are currently at -309 to win the division, to open up and pull away.

Southeast Division

There really appears to be no clear favorite here, as none of the 5 teams is really flexing their muscles. The Miami Heat has the lead, with Atlanta a game and a half back, while Washington is 3 games out of the top spot. This may be the toughest of the bunch to call, but I think it will be Miami (-187) who eventually come out on top.


Northwest Division

We said at the top of this piece that 5 of the 6 divisions were close. This is the one that is not. The Denver Nuggets have already opened up a 5 ½ game lead at the top of the division and I have a feeling that the lead might grow as the season progresses. Portland is the closes to the lead, but they are just a game above .500 right now. Denver is at -2500, so no real value in playing them now.

Pacific Division

This one is ridiculous, with the top 4 teams separated by just a single game. Even the Lakers, who are in the cellar, are just 3 ½ games out of the lead. The one thing that jumps out from the standings, though, is that the Phoenix Suns are a perfect 7-0 in division play. To me, they look the best equipped to break the stalemate and go on a run that wins them the division.

Southwest Division

Another tight division race that could go any of 3 different ways. The Memphis Grizzlies have the lead at the moment, but they are just a game up on the New Orleans Pelicans and 3 ½ up on the surging Dallas Mavericks. The Grizzlies are the favorite to win this division, but I am looking at the Pelicans, who are 7-2 against division foes at this point. You can get them right now at odds of +320, which is more than a little tempting.

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