Best Ways to Safely Handicap the 2019 NFL Preseason

Best Ways to Safely Handicap the 2019 NFL Preseason

Written by on August 5, 2019

If you’re looking to get your 2019 NFL betting campaign off to a solid start, then you’re in luck thanks to the five expert NFL preseason betting tips that you’re about the get. Now, with Week 1 of the 2019 NFL preseason taking place this coming weekend, let’s find out just how you can safely handicap the 2019 NFL preseason!

Best Ways to Safely Handicap the 2019 NFL Preseason

Head Coaching Record

One of the very best way to handicap the upcoming 2019 NFL preseason is to do your research on each team’s head coach and their respective preseason records. For instance, knowing that Minnesota’s Mike Zimmer (17-4) and Oakland’s Jon Gruden (33-17) apparently take their preseason success very seriously while Tampa Bay’s Bruce Arians and New Orleans’ Sean Payton don’t then you definitely stand a better chance of cashing in when any of the four teams takes to the gridiron this coming preseason. Check those preseason coaching records NFL betting buffs, it could help you cash in big this preseason.

Roster Makeup and Depth Chart

Another wise step that you can take to increase your chances of having a successful preseason betting campaign is to  delve deep into each team’s depth chart on both sides of the ball.

For example, let’s say the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are playing a bunch of young and hungry backups that are eager to prove themselves as they start a new rebuild under head coach Bruce Arians and they’re facing a more seasoned L.A. Chargers team that has a lot of veterans with their collective first and foremost thoughts being to make it out of the preseason healthy.

Then I’d say the Bucs look like the better pick even though they are most certainly not the better team once each team goes to their starters. Make sure you’re up on your team depth chart insight and whether or not either of the teams in your matchup is going to be going all-out to get the win.

Time Management

Another crucial thing you can do is to find out how long each team’s starting quarterback is going to play. While NFL fans everywhere know that the starters will see their most action in Week 3, you need to know how many starters will either sit in Weeks 1 and 4, first and foremost in my opinion. Know how long each team’s starter is going to0 play will be beneficial to increasing your NFL preseason betting success.

Be Adaptable

Being adaptable means knowing that preseason football can be very fickle. Just because a team is a great wager in Week 1, doesn’t necessarily mean that same team is going to be a good wager the following week. Treat each matchup for the individual pairing that it is and don’t base your wagers completely on what happened in the previous week.

Backup Quarterbacks

Last but not least, there might not be a better way to handicap any preseason NFL action than by delving deep into each team’s backups quarterback situation, because these guys will essentially be playing starters minutes while making a major impact on the outcome of every preseason contest. For teams like New Orleans (Teddy Bridgewater), Indianapolis (Jacoby Brissette) and Washington (Case Keenum) the backup quarterback situation is essentially a big advantage as opposed to backing teams like the L.A. Rams (Blake Bortles), Dallas (Cooper Rush) or Minnesota (Sean Mannion). Just by simply know who each team’s backup and third-string signal-callers are, you can increase your chances of cashing in on the 2019 NFL preseason significantly. While everyone knows the starters don’t see much, if any action, at all.