NFL Rumors & Betting News October 30th Edition

NFL Rumors 2020 Halloween Edition

Written by on October 30, 2020

Antonio Brown, one of the best wide receivers in the past decade has a home, the Bengals give up on a star defensive end, Baltimore finally pulls the trigger on Dez, and the Cowboys are considering dumping their head coach. Check out what happened this past week so you can keep on betting against their NFL odds!

NFL Rumors & News: AB Heads to Tampa, Bengals Trade Dunlap, Ravens Sign Dez

Antonio Brown reunites with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay

A Tampa Bay Buccaneer equipment manager tested positive for the coronavirus on Thursday. That won’t affect Sunday’s matchup against the New York Giants on Monday night, which is a good thing for TB’s latest addition to their team, Antonio Brown.

Before angering the Pittsburgh Steelers and then the New England Patriots, Brown was one of the most gifted receivers in the league. Even if he never plays another down, hall of fame voters may have to consider carving a bust for Brown because he has 841 receptions for 11,263 yards and he’s caught 75 touchdown passes.

If Brown is close to where he was before taking a year off, Tom Brady should have a fun time throwing passes to Antonio. But, and this could be an issue, the Buccaneers have almost too many weapons at wide receiver. What happens if AB doesn’t get the looks he expects? 

The Bengals trade top DE Carlos Dunlap to the Seattle Seahawks

Since 2013, Carlos Dunlap hadn’t recorded less than 7.5 sacks in a season. He had 9 last season to go along with 61 total tackles, the second highest of his career in both categories. So, why did the Cincinnati Bengals trade Dunlap to the Seahawks?

Carlos wasn’t happy playing in Tigerland. He may be happier in Seattle. For the Bengals, trading Dunlap makes their defensive line worse than it was before. Cincinnati knows they’re on the right path, though, and Dunlap is in his elevenths season. So, the Bengals came out ahead because they picked up a versatile offensive lineman in B.J. Finney and a seventh round pick. 

Baltimore Ravens sign Dez Bryant

It’s taken a couple of seasons, but the Baltimore Ravens finally signed wide receiver Dez Bryant. Dez probably won’t start for at least the next three weeks. Right now, he’s on the practice squad. 

Will Dez help Lamar Jackson become a better passer? Maybe. Lamar remains one of the most dynamic players in the league. But the reigning MVP leads a passing attack that ranks 31-of-32 teams. Eventually, there will be a game where LJ must open the rushing attack by throwing the football. 

That game could happen on Sunday. The Pittsburgh Steelers allow 68.8 rushing yards per. If Steel Town puts the kibosh on the Ravens’ rushing attack, Lamar must step it up with his arm.

Cowboys considering dumping McCarthy

Jerry Jones can’t win. For the past four seasons, Dallas fans had clamored for Jones to get rid of Jason Garrett. Although Garrett had coached the Boys to a decent regular season, he always failed in the playoffs. Jerry is a patient man. So, he gave Garrett chance after chance.

Finally, after another disappointing postseason, Jones fired Garrett. Jerry hired Mike McCarthy, a former Super Bowl winning coach. Makes sense, right? You’ve got a ton of weapons on offense, so, why not go with McCarthy?

What a disaster. Jones is now contemplating whether to get rid of McCarthy during the season. It makes sense. McCarthy’s style has already caused massive issues in Big D. The offense doesn’t seem to want to play for him while the defense may be one of the worst in the history of the NFL.

If Jerry does get rid of McCarthy, don’t tell him who to hire next, Cowboy fan. He took your advice and got rid of a coach that, even though he couldn’t get Dallas to a Super Bowl, led the Boys to the playoffs almost every season.

Have a great weekend! 

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