NFL 2021-22 Regular Season Players Future Prop Bets Analysis

NFL 2021-22 Regular Season Players Future Prop Bets Analysis

Over the past few weeks, we have been looking at offensive and defensive units, while also talking about how many wins and losses teams might be looking at this season. We will be continuing with that until all the teams are covered, but we also think that it’s time to start looking at individual performances for the coming season. There are a lot of different individual player futures available to wager on, so we thought it might be a good idea to cover a few of them and look at the favorites in each category. We have already covered the offensive and defensive rookie of the years categories in previous articles, so be sure to check those out. With that in mind, let’s get right to it so you can plan your bets against their NFL Specials Props.

Regular Season Players Futures Props Analysis | NFL Betting

Defensive Player of the Year

If you go with the old adage that defense wins championships, then having a potential defensive player of the year on staff might be considered a very good sign. There are some very good players in as the favorites this season, starting with Myles Garrett (+300). The Cleveland Browns are knocking on the door of being a serious contender, and Garrett will certainly help the defense excel. We also have 3-time winner and defending player of the year Aaron Donald (+550) in the mix. As you can see by his previous victories, the LA Rams defenseman is a consistent performer. Rounding out the top 4, we have Chase Young (+900) and TJ Watt (+1000), the latter of which looks like a very good bet.

Comeback Player of the Year

In this category, you are generally looking at players returning from a serious injury, or oftentimes a starter, usually a QB, who has been out in the wilderness as a backup for a couple of seasons or who delivered a great season after looking as though finished. There are several good options this year, but the player that is currently in as the favorite is Dak Prescott (+170) of the Dallas Cowboys. He is returning from a brutal ankle injury sustained last season and looks like a good pick here. Another player coming back from injury is RB Saquon Barkley (+550) of the Giants, although a running back winning this seems unlikely to me. Christian McCaffrey (+600) is worth a look, as is Joe Burrow (+650), who looked great in his rookie year before getting injured.

NFL League MVP

One thing that you can almost guarantee here, and which is backed up by the bookies’ odds, is that we are probably looking at a QB winning this thing. Right now, they have Aaron Rodgers (+800) in among the favorites, but the reigning MVP might not play this season, which could change the odds dramatically. Right now, the favorite is Patrick Mahomes (+350) of the Kansas City Chiefs. This is never a bad bet, as he is arguably the most exciting player in the league right now. We have Josh Allen (+850) of the Buffalo Bills in the mix, too, but will he be able to carry over his brilliant form from last season, which was far and away his best in the NFL? If you are looking at a longshot, I might be tempted to go with Matthew Stafford (+1200). If he can stay healthy, he will put up some big numbers that could propel the Rams to a division win.

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