Top 3 Games Worth Betting for Week 1 of the 2021 NFL Season

Top 3 Games Worth Betting for Week 1 of the 2021 NFL Season

Teams in the National Football League will soon head to training camps in preparation of another NFL Season. So far, information is limited on which teams have what it takes to win next year’s Super Bowl. One thing is for sure, though, from Week 1 to Week 18, NFL handicappers should find plenty of teams offering betting value. Keep reading for the three games in NFL Week 1 providing the most value. We analyze each game and hand out a pre-training camp pick so you can get ready to bet against their NFL odds

NFL Week 1 Top 3 Games With Most Betting Value

2021 NFL Season

  • When: Sep. 9, 2021 – Jan. 9, 2022

Dallas Cowboys +6 ½ Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • When: Thursday, Sep. 9

The Buccaneers start defense of their Super Bowl victory against a team that didn’t even make the playoffs. But we shouldn’t discount the Dallas Cowboys chances to not only cover this enormous spread, but to also upset Tampa straight up.

For starters, Tampa’s offense may require a week or so to get on track. Tom Brady, Mike Evans, and Leonard Fournette return. But the Bucs weren’t super sharp early in the year last season.

Also, Dallas used their first six draft picks, all within the first four rounds, on defense. There’s no way the Cowboys’ D is as bad in 2021 as it was in 2020.

Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott should be one-hundred percent. Dak has a ton of talent surrounding him. Dallas should play great and deserve the nod to win against the spread. If you’re not risk averse, consider backing the Boys on the moneyline.  

NFL Pick: Dallas Cowboys  

Jacksonville Jaguars Vs Houston Texans +3

  • When: Sunday, Sep. 12

Neither Houston nor Jacksonville should field a winning squad. It makes no sense, though, why Jacksonville is a -3 chalk on the road against the Texans. Houston will bad. Jacksonville could be worse.

Oddsmakers have read too much into the Jaguars’ changes. Sure, Urban Meyer was a great college coach. When was the last time a college coach had big time success in the NFL? 

Yes, Jaguars’ quarterback Trevor Lawrence could be the next Peyton Manning. Peyton won 3 games his rookie season.

Again, Houston will be a terrible team. But as long as Deshaun Watson or Tyrod Taylor plays quarterback, the Texans should be better than the Jacksonville Jaguars. Not only that, but the Texans are loaded with veteran players and head coach David Culley has 27 years of NFL experience.   

NFL Pick: Houston Texans 

Cleveland Browns +6 Vs Kansas City Chiefs

  • When: Sunday, Sep. 12

Kansas City offers a touchdown on the spread due to reputation, not because of anything they did during the offseason. KC rebuilt their entire offensive line, which could yield benefits. Or it could be a disaster. 

Starting left tackle Orlando Brown Jr. played right tackle with the Baltimore Ravens. There’s no telling if Brown Jr. will have as much success on the right side. Even if Brown develops into a lockdown LT, how much more will the O-line add to KC’s already explosive offense?

The Chiefs’ defense didn’t seem to improve that much. In regards to this game, the Browns field the best offensive line in the league, has a quarterback in Baker Mayfield who could take the next step, and should field an improved defense. 

There’s a chance Cleveland controls the clock, which means the Browns should have a shot to win this in the fourth quarter. Consider backing the Browns on the moneyline as well as against the spread. 

NFL Pick: Cleveland Browns


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