MAY 19 - 2017 MLB Interleague Betting Strategy

2017 MLB Interleague Betting Strategy

While the introduction of interleague play in baseball wasn’t initially received with a whole lot of fanfare 20 years ago, today, the cross-league matchups often featuring local rivals are widely accepted and even looked forward to by many baseball fans and betting enthusiasts. However, with these teams meeting rarely and not really knowing one another as well as they do their respective league and division counterparts, betting on interleague MLB action can be a tad more difficult than cashing in on ‘regular’ league matchups. In an effort to help you maximize your chances of cashing in on interleague play this season, here are a handful of expert baseball betting tips to help you out.

Here’s A Closer Look At The 2017 MLB Interleague Betting Strategy


Al Rules!

If you didn’t know, teams from the American League have pretty much owned their National league counterparts over the past 13 years. As a whole, the American League won the interleague battle every season while compiling a healthy 1,897-1,571 record against their National League counterparts between 2004 and 2016.  If you simply bet $100 on teams from the AL during this time frame, you would have won a jaw-dropping $16,935. Better yet, if you’re thinking about employing the ‘bet on AL teams’ strategy during interleague play this season, you probably want to get started right away, seeing as how AL teams are already 34-21 against their NL opponents. Betting $100 on AL teams in every interleague this season would have already earned you $1,093. Nothing Like Some Home Cooking

Nothing Like Some Home Cooking

Now, you do need to know that the majority of the AL teams’ wins during this time frame have come at home with AL ballclubs compiling a blistering 1,054-706 at home over the past 13 seasons plus the start of the current 2017 campaign. Hopefully you’re sitting down, because AL teams have won an insane $12,283 in those contests since 2004 while outscoring their NL opponents by almost a full run per game (4.91-4.11).

Hey…Watch the Road!

You may want to take it a bit easy when betting on AL teams in interleague play when they’re on the road with AL ballclubs going just 877-886 (.497) on the road during the 14-year span.

For the Love of Money!

The O’Jays aren’t the only ones with a ‘love for money.’ The American League has produced a winning moneyline record against the National League in 13 of the last 16 seasons, including 2008 when the AL pounded the NL 149-103 against the moneyline. Last year, American League ballclubs went 165-135 against their NL counterparts and so far, that trend has continued. Now, that you know, go find yourself some interleague matchups where the AL team is at home and you’ll likely end up one happy camper!