How to Bet Home Teams In Championship Final Series

How to Bet Home Teams In Championship Final Series

If you bet NBA basketball online this weekend and you rolled with my Game 2 NBA Finals pick, ten you’re undoubtedly one happy camper. If not, then don’t worry…the expert NBA basketball betting analysis that you’re about to get you’ll have a much better chance of cashing in on every remaining game in the 2016 NBA Finals, not to mention, future NBA postseason games as well.

How to Bet Home Teams In Championship Final Series

Let me get started with a question.

When was the last time a team win the NBA Finals without having home-court advantage?

Answer: In 2012 when the LeBron James-ld Miami Heat beat the Oklahoma City Thunder in five games despite not having the home court advantage. Now in a 0-2 hole, the big question surrounding the 2016 NBA Finals is whether or not LeBron James and the reeling Cleveland Cavaliers can bounce back from a pair of humbling defeats to make their finals matchups against Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors a legitimate series worthy of watching.

Well, let’s find out what history says.

Let’s say the Cavs were somehow ale to push the 2016 NBA Finals to seven games, well, history says, they’d still be a long shot to win.

The home team has gone 15-3 all-time in Game 7, including victories by the home team in each of the last six occasions. The last team to win a NBA title on the road in a Game 7 was the 1978 Washington Bullets in Seattle.

Check out the below chart on Game 7 winners.

Year Won At Winner Loser
2013 Home Miami Heat San Antonio Spurs
2010 Home Los Angeles Lakers Boston Celtics
2005 Home Los Angeles Lakers Detroit Pistons
1994 Home Houston Rockets New York Knicks
1988 Home Los Angeles Lakers Detroit Pistons
1984 Home Boston Celtics Los Angeles Lakers
1978 Away Washington Bullets Seattle SuperSonics
1974 Away Boston Celtics Milwaukee Bucks
1970 Home New York Knicks Los Angeles Lakers
1969 Away Boston Celtics Los Angeles Lakers
1966 Home Boston Celtics Los Angeles Lakers
1962 Home Boston Celtics Los Angeles Lakers
1960 Home Boston Celtics St. Louis Hawks
1957 Home Boston Celtics St. Louis Hawks
1955 Home Syracuse Nationals Fort Wayne Pistons
1954 Home Minneapolis Lakers Syracuse Nationals
1952 Home Minneapolis Lakers New York Knicks
1951 Home Rochester Royals New York Knicks

Home Teams Rock-Steady

Home teams are apparently, steady rocking all night long. No matter how many games the Finals last, the team with the home court advantage has compiled a definitive 15-5 record over the last 20 NBA Finals. James was also on the losing side of the 2011 NBA Finals despite having home court advantage over Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks at that time.

Here are the results over the last 20 years.

Season Home Court Winner Loser
2015 Winner Golden State Warriors Cleveland Cavaliers
2014 Winner San Antonio Spurs Miami Heat
2013 Winner Miami Heat San Antonio Spurs
2012 Loser Miami Heat Oklahoma City Thunder
2011 Loser Dallas Mavericks Miami Heat
2010 Winner Los Angeles Lakers Boston Celtics
2009 Winner Los Angeles Lakers Orlando Magic
2008 Winner Boston Celtics Los Angeles Lakers
2007 Winner San Antonio Spurs Cleveland Cavaliers
2006 Loser Miami Heat Dallas Mavericks
2005 Winner San Antonio Spurs Detroit Pistons
2004 Loser Detroit Pistons Los Angeles Lakers
2003 Winner San Antonio Spurs New Jersey Nets
2002 Winner Los Angeles Lakers New Jersey Nets
x-2001 Winner Los Angeles Lakers Philadelphia 76ers
2000 Winner Los Angeles Lakers Indiana Pacers
1999 Winner San Antonio Spurs New York Knicks
x-1998 Winner Chicago Bulls Utah Jazz
1997 Loser Chicago Bulls Utah Jazz
1996 Winner Chicago Bulls Seatle SuperSonics

x-Teams finished with identical regular season records, but Lakers had home court advantage in 2001 and Jazz had home court in 1998.

Two Outta’ Three Ain’t Bad!

If you didn’t know online NBA basketball bettors, the home team has won 66 percent of every NBA playoff game ever played…ad right now, that’s over 3,500 games! Cleveland and Golden State in 2016

The Warriors have compiled a league-best 13-6 ATS mark during the 2016 postseason wile going 14-5 SU and 7-12 O/U. The Dubs are putting up an average of 110.5 points per game while allowing 102.3 points per contest defensively.

The Cavaliers are12-4 SU this postseason, but just 9-7 ATS and 7/9 O/U while averaging 103.9 points per game and giving up 95.9 points per contest defensively. Favorites are 49-32 ATS this postseason while home teams have gone 51-30 ATS.

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