May 31 - How To Bet The 2017 NBA Championship Series

How To Bet The 2017 NBA Championship Series

With the 2017 NBA Finals set to get underway in just over 24 hours, hardwood betting enthusiasts everywhere are looking to gather as much pertinent expert betting information as possible. Well, join the club. Who doesn’t want to maximize their chances of cashing in consistently?

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To that end, I’ve got just what the doctor ordered in the form of several basketball betting tips that will show you how to bet on this year’s NBA Finals ‘trilogy’ rematch between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. If you want to know whether LeBron James will lead the underdog Cavs to another finals upset or whether Steph Curry and Kevin Durant will start raining in three-pointers to dispatch James and the Cavs, then let’s get down to business.

Here’s A Closer Look At How To Bet The 2017 NBA Championship Series

Go Against Stephen A. Smith

If you want to know what’s going to go down in the 2017 NBA Finals, simply bet against ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith. Yes, Smith is as knowledgeable as they come when it comes to covering the NBA and I know that from firsthand knowledge when we were both plying our trades in the City of brotherly Love, but he can also be a loud-mouthed jackass that doesn’t listen to even the sanest thoughts – that are completely in alignment with his. The bottom line here is that Smith has gone 0-6 in his last six NBA Finals predictions. Knowledgeable or not, 0-for-6 is more than a trend and it’s almost a rock-solid lock in the sports betting industry. Simply put, go against whomever Stephen A. likes to win the finals.

  LeBron Owns KD  

LeBron Owns KD

LeBron James owns Kevin Durant like everyone owns me in Call of Duty! I’m serious when I say that blind people could beat me in that damned game, but enough with my personal video game struggles, this is all about King James and the aptly-named KD or Kevin Durant if you prefer.

James has led his teams to a commanding 18-5 record against Durant-led squads since KD came into the league in 2007. This record of course, includes the 2012 NBA Finals when James’ Miami Heat dispatched Durant, Russell Westbrook and the rest of the Oklahoma City Thunder in five games. More importantly, James’ teams have gone 15-8 ATS against Durant’s teams, although it should be noted that these Golden State warriors are not, repeat, not, the same as Durant’s Thunder squads.

No Brooms Necessary

No matter how much you like either ballclub in this year’s NBA Finals, I’m here to tell you to not bet on a sweep happening for either team (duh). You may not have known it, but in league history, there have been only eight finals sweeps in the 70-year history of the NBA Finals (11.4%) If you like this series to end in five games, you should know that 17 finals matchups have ended in five games (24.4%), while 25 finals have ended in six games (35.7%) and 20 series went the full distance(28.6%).

How Low Can You Go?

If you like Over/Under total betting, then you should know that the Under has pretty much ruled in the NBA Finals in recent years. Going back a whopping 27 seasons to 1990, the Under has cashed in a whopping 80 times in 139 Finals contests for a consistent 59.7 percent winning mark. In the last 17 finals matchups alone, the total has gone 36-48-5 O/U for a 57 percent winning mark for the Under.

With Game 1 of this year’s NBA Finals featuring an all-time Over/under high, the Under is looking pretty good despite the fact that the Dubs and Cavs finished first and fourth respectively in scoring.