APR 07 - Optimal Strategy For Betting The NBA Playoffs

Optimal Strategy For Betting The NBA Playoffs

We are just days away from the 2017 NBA postseason, and pro basketball fans across the globe are starting to formulate their postseason NBA betting plans in a big way. We all want to bet and win, but there are plenty of strategies and tips that can help bettors to ease their chance to hit a winning prediction.

Regardless of your betting experience, all bettors sometimes need some expert NBA betting advice to help them maximize their chances of cashing during the postseason, so with that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the optimal strategy for the playoffs.

Public Opinion

While the betting public influences the lines that oddsmakers use during the regular season, you should know that public opinion factors even more heavily into oddsmakers betting lines once the postseason starts.

Public opinion or ‘the consensus’ is a great way for postseason basketball bettors to understand how the public’s opinion affects line movements to maximize the profit. With less games being played, oddsmakers are sharper than ever with their postseason lines. Make sure you’re aware of this fact and wager accordingly.

SU and ATS History

Some playoff teams have compiled winning ATS records while others have struggled mightily to cover the spread despite their on-court excellence. Know your SU and ATS history of any team you’re thinking about betting on this postseason and wager accordingly.

Date with Destiny?

Just think about the 2014-15 Golden State Warriors if you want to know what a team with a date with destiny looks like. Looking back, I don’t think it really mattered who the Dubs played en route to their championship, simply because they were not going to be denied no matter who they suited up against.

Every now and then, the stars align perfectly for a team and it’s not very difficult to spot. Role players that were mostly ‘average’ players suddenly start playing at a higher level like San Antonio’s Danny Green did for the Spurs during their championship win over the Cavaliers a few years back. Look out for teams that appear to have a date with destiny and wager accordingly.

Road Warriors or Not?

Some teams are complete pushovers when they hit the road while others put up fight like someone broke into their house. Again, do your homework and identify teams that have fared well or above average, either straight-up or against-the-spread on the road and back them when the game calls for it.

Health Equals Wealth

By the time playoffs roll around, most teams have had their share of injuries over the course of the regular season. Is the team you plan on betting on in good health or do they have one or two key rotation players either out of the lineup or nursing nagging injuries?

Make sure you’re on top of the injury report or each and every playoff game you’re betting on and you’ll maximize your chances of cashing in early and often.

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