DEC 31 - The Use Of Trends In Football Betting

The Use Of Trends In Football Betting

Whether you’re a brand new football betting enthusiast or an experienced one that has been around the industry or ages, you should know that when it comes to betting on football, the use of virtually timeless trends has been the foundation for many pigskin online betting aficionados.

This look at the use of trends and how they can be both, beneficial – and detrimental – to your football betting success – will aid you in your quest for pigskin riches. Let’s get started.

The Use Of Trends In Football Betting


Streaking or Struggling?

The first thing any football betting enthusiast should do is look at the recent ATS trends of both teams in any game they may potentially wager on. Simply put, knowing whether or not a team is either streaking – or struggling – will give you the best insight into which team likely stands the best chance of cashing in for that particular matchup. For example, let’s say that Temple University has gone 8-2 ATS in their last 10 games and they’re facing a North Carolina Tar Heels team that has gone a polar-opposite 2-8 ATS in its L/10. While several other factors could decide the ATS outcome of this hypothetical pairing, you had better believe that Temple likely stands a better chance of cashing in than the Tar Heels.

ATS History

Check out each team’s ATS history thoroughly. I’m not just talking about their recent trends, but a lengthier look at their ATS history. Football gaming enthusiasts should always look at both teams’ home and away ATS trends depending on where they’re paying while also looking at the history of the head-to-head matchup as well.

Is this a neutral site game? If so, then how did both teams fare in their respective neutral site games? NCAA basketball bettors can also look at the game’s ATS line and then at similar lines for each team and how they fared.

Winners Only?

Most football bettors only look for teams or games that they deem as ‘winners’ while forgetting all about the age-old fact that finding a consistent ATS loser can be just as profitable as finding a consistent ATS winner.

Just think, while a team like the Stanford Cardinal may be getting a lot of love from national experts and fans everywhere, but they’ve gone a discouraging 1-4 ATS at home, I’d say the Cardinal would likely be one of football’s best picks to fail to cover the spread in their next home date, even if it comes against a clearly inferior opponent.

How Trends Can be Detrimental

However, solely following trends can also be detrimental to your betting success. Let’s say the Philadelphia Eagles have gone 3-0 ATS over their last three home games, but the Birds are hosting a clearly better Seattle Seahawks team in their upcoming home contest. Well, many bettors would believe that Philly will simply cover the spread because they’re playing at home, when in essence, they have no shot to do so because they’re just inferior to the Seahawks in all three phases – or maybe they’re facing a Seattle team that has compiled its own stellar ATS mark on the road.

By solely going with trends as the basis for your betting success, you can often get into trouble. When using trends as the major foundation for your betting method, you also need to use other information in conjunction with your trends like situational betting circumstances and both, the injury and weather reports for example.