MLB Betting Picks and Predictions Last Minute Analysis Before Season Starts

MLB Betting Picks and Predictions: Last Minute Analysis Before Season Starts

As baseball handicappers, we must be nimble. Things change quickly in Major League Baseball, which is why we must never fall in love with our betting options. So if we believe the Dodgers win the World Series, we shouldn’t stick to that belief just because we don’t want to be wrong. With that in mind, check out last minute picks and season predictions that are much different from those laid out just a couple of weeks ago. It’s all about fair MLB Odds when it comes to future bets. The following MLB plays provide excellent odds. 

Last Minute 2022 Picks & Season Predictions | MLB Betting

2022 MLB Season

  • When: Thursday, April 7 – Wednesday, Oct. 5

Last Minute World Series Pick: Milwaukee Brewers +1125

The Houston Astros remain a good pick, but the Milwaukee Brewers is the best pick. First, the Brew Crew offers much better odds. Second, Milwaukee, like the Astros in the AL, should benefit from playing in a weak division.

Third, Milwaukee can add Andrew McCutchen to the lineup as their designated hitter, which means neither McCutchen nor Christina Yellin must play at a position for which they aren’t familiar. 

Also, the Brewers rotation, led by Corbin Burnes, is ridiculous. And the bullpen should rock, which means Milwaukee offers slight overlay odds.  

Last Minute Over Under Dodgers Play: Under 102 games

The Dodgers are a good baseball team. But it’s asking a lot for LAD to win 103 games. 

There’s no problem per se. However, the NL is much deeper than many believe. Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Atlanta, and possibly even St. Louis will challenge the Dodgers.

Also, San Francisco will win a couple of the series versus LAD while the Dodgers bullpen, even though it should be good, may not gel until later in the season. 

Last Minute NL MVP Pick: Christian Yelich – Milwaukee +4000

Yelich played in just 117 games last season, which is one of the reasons he batted .248 with 9 home runs and just 51 RBIS. 

Another reason is because Milwaukee had to find a way to get Andrew McCutchen on the field. Although the Brewers won the NL Central, it never felt like McCutchen or Yellin were comfortable the entire season.

This year, Yellin is the Brewers’ left fielder and McCutchen is Milwaukee’s designated hitter. If Christian stays healthy, 30 or more home runs, over 100 runs batted in, and a plus .280 batting average should be automatic. That makes Christian Yellin a major overlay at the odds to win the NL MVP. 

Last Minute AL MVP Pick: Luis Robert – Chicago White Sox +2000

In 2020, Luis Robert played in 56 games. He had 11 home runs, batted in 31 runs, and hit .233. Last season, Robert played in 68 games and blasted 13 home runs with 43 RBIs and hit .338.

This season, Robert will start in center field. So if he doesn’t miss time due to injury, his numbers will sky rocket. Expect Robert, should he stay healthy, to eclipse 35 or even 40 home runs with over 120 RBIs and to bat over .300.

Again, he must stay healthy, but the gargantuan numbers are more than possible. So Robert could end up in the Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Mike Trout category. 

To be fair, if Shohei Ohtani bats over .280 with over 30 home runs and wins over 10 games with 6 losses or fewer, he wins the MVP. But if Shohei misses time or has a mediocre season either at the plate or on the mound, Robert has as much of a shot to win the AL MVP as any player.


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