NFL Super Bowl 57 Betting Predictions That Could Reshape Odds To Win Super Bowl

NFL Super Bowl 57 Betting Predictions That Could Reshape Odds To Win Super Bowl

We are now only a matter if days away from the biggest game on the NFL schedule, with the Super Bowl set to go this coming Sunday. If you are a fan of the best teams making it to the big game, then you have to be happy with the Eagles and Chiefs going head-to-head, as these were their #1 seeds in their respective conferences at the start of the season. When you have a pair of teams meeting up that looked to be very evenly matched, it’s not that surprising when the bookies make the odds rather tight. That is where we are at right now, with the Philadelphia Eagles in as a 1 ½ point favorite. The odds across the board could still change, so let’s look at some factors that might come into play and the Super Bowl Odds that might be affected.


NFL Super Bowl Betting Predictions for the Big Game on Sunday


When: February 12th, 2023
Where: State Farm Stadium, Glendale, Arizona

Time: 5:30 PM EST


The biggest concern at the moment is the health of Patrick Mahomes, who played through a high ankle sprain in the AFC Championship win over the Cincinnati Bengals. There were times when he looked to be hobbled, which could prove to be bad when going against a defense that has been outstanding in the postseason. Everyone is aware of his ankle issue, so that alone might not change the odds to win, but it may have an impact elsewhere, which we will get to in a minute.

The Chiefs have other injury issues on the offensive side of the football, and their status could definitely have an impact on the odds. As you might expect, the Chiefs are keeping their card pretty close to the vest when discussing these injuries, so you may have to wait until the very last minute to get the final status of those players. A couple of players going from questionable to probable could shift the odds in a different direction.

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The Mahomes injury does have an impact on a couple of other things, most notably the point total. If he is still struggling with that injury, can we expect the Chiefs offense to be firing on all cylinders? That could have an impact on the point total, which some already believe is a little bit on the high side of things. You might also want to consider how his ankle injury might impact the odds for the MVP. There are a couple of ways to look at this, starting with the fact that Mahomes might have difficulty putting up the numbers required to become the Super Bowl MVP. On the flipside, if the Chiefs win, they might be more inclined to give it to Mahomes, knowing that he played through the pain to lead his team to a win.

In reality, I don’t think that we are going to see any kind of major swing in the betting odds over the next few days. Things may move slightly, so it really is up to each individual bettor to decide whether to get their wagers on now or wait a few more days to wait and see if the odds shift in their favor.


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