NFL Special Props: Hall of Fame Elections and Super Bowl Betting Options

NFL Special Props: Hall of Fame Elections and Super Bowl Betting Options

Super Bowl Week isn’t just a celebration of the NFL Season, it’s also the week where the National Football League announces the year’s Hall of Fame elections. This season, players like LeRoy Butler, Richard Seymour, and Zach Thomas are up for the Hall. As always, MyBookie has odds for most everything NFL, including whether or not players make it to the Hall of Fame. Other interesting NFL Special Props have to do with the actual game, including whether or not Ja’Marr Chase, the Bengals’ awesome rookie wide receiver, does The Griddy. Check out NFL Special Prop odds, analysis, and free picks.

Will Chase Hit The Griddy? Who Will Make the Hall of Fame in 2022? | NFL Betting

NFL Special Props

  • When: Thursday, Feb. 10 – Sunday, Feb. 13
  • Hall of Fame Election Announcement Date: February 10th

LeRoy Butler Elected to NFL Hall of Fame

  • Yes -300 / No +200

Odds suggest Butler easily makes the Hall of Fame. We can’t argue. The former Green Bay Packers strong safety has terrific stats: 889 tackles, 38 interceptions, 20.5 sacks, and 13 forced fumbles. 

Not only that, but Butler deserves to make the Hall of Fame for doing something non-field related. LeRoy invented the Lambeau Leap. That alone makes him HOF worthy. 

NFL Hall of Fame Election: Yes

Richard Seymour Elected to NFL Hall of Fame

  • Yes -135 / No +115

The former New England Patriot and Oakland Raider is a 3-time Super Bowl Champion, a 7-time Pro Bowl player, and was on the NFL 2000s All-Decade Team.

He recorded 496 tackles, 57.5 sacks, and forced 4 fumbles. Usually, defensive lineman don’t sack the quarterback as much as defensive ends. So Seymour’s sack totals are impressive. The Super Bowl rings are as well. Seymour gets the call.   

NFL Hall of Fame Election: Yes    

Zach Thomas Elected to NFL Hall of Fame

  • No -140 / Yes +110

The odds say Thomas doesn’t make the HOF. Based on stats, though, Thomas is an easy pick. He recorded an incredible 1,720 tackles in 184 games played.

Also, Zach amassed 20.5 sacks, 17 interceptions, 17 forced fumbles, 8 fumble recoveries, and scored 4 touchdowns. The dude is one of the best linebackers the NFL has ever seen. 

NFL Hall of Fame Election: Yes   

Andre Johnson Elected to NFL Hall of Fame

  • No -160 / Yes +120

Any player who grabs 1,000 or more passes and has 10,000 or more receiving yards deserves to be in the NFL Hall of Fame. Johnson caught 1,062 passes and had 14,185 receiving yards.   

The fact Andre also scored 70 receiving touchdowns means  this prop offers overlay odds at +120. Johnson should be in the Hall. At the odds, he’s for sure worth a look. 

NFL Hall of Fame Election: Yes 

Ja’Marr Chase Hits the Grid | NFL Special Props – Super Bowl 56 Exotic

  • No -220 / Yes +150

Rookie Ja’Marr Chase is already one of the best wide receivers in the league. Chase didn’t invent the NFL Griddy. Former LSU teammate Justin Jefferson is regarded as the first WR to do it.

But Jefferson won’t play in the Super Bowl on Sunday. Chase will. Kansas City defensive back Charvarious Ward mocked Chase’s Grid dance after knocking down a Joe Burrow pass in the AFC Championship.

Ja’Marr repaid Ward’s mocking with The Griddy after burning the KC DB on a TD later in the game. To do The Griddy as a receiver, you must score a TD. So, really, the question is whether Chase scores a touchdown. No doubt, if he does score a TD, he will do The Griddy.

So will it happen? Will Joe Cool throw a TD pass to Ja’Marr? Yep.    

NFL Special Prop Pick: Yes  

LSU acts like they won the Super Bowl – Yes +150

If you think the Rams win the Super Bowl, then don’t bet on this prop. But if you think the Bengals win the Super Bowl, you must for sure back this prop.

LSU loves the fact the best wide receiver and quarterback from their 2019-2020 College Football National Championship team plays for Cincinnati. Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase are two of the most important reasons the Bengals are playing on February 13.

Chase and Burrow could have a big day. If the Bengals win, no doubt, LSU will act like they just won the Lombardi Trophy. So if you like Cincinnati, back this prop. 

NFL Special Prop Pick: Yes


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