NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers Offense In-Depth Betting Analysis

NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers Offense In-Depth Betting Analysis

Every team comes into the new NFL season with a certain level of expectation hanging over their heads. It’s all part of the pressure of playing in the league, and it is pressure that some simply cannot handle. This is especially true for the team that comes in as the defending Super Bowl champions, as the expectation is that they will simply rinse, repeat, and deliver a similar performance as the previous season. As we all know, sport doesn’t work that way, but when you look at the current champions, you see a team that looks more than capable of making another run. In fact, you could suggest that this team might actually be in a better position now that they have all had a full year together. For the purposes of this piece, we are looking specifically at the Buccaneers offense so you can get ready to bet against their NFL odds.

NFL Betting – Tampa Bay Buccaneers Offense Expert Analysis For the 2021-22 Season

Buccaneers Offense in 2020

The Bucs made news last offseason by being the team to land Tom Brady after it became clear that his time with the New England Patriots was over. They also went and lured Rob Gronkowski out of retirement, while also making a bunch of moves designed to turn their team into a potential Super Bowl winner. On paper, the Bucs started the season as a team that looked capable of winning a championship, but things did not go smoothly from the off.

Part of the problem was that head coach Bruce Arians and Tom Brady did not seem to have the same offensive philosophy in the early part of the season. It also didn’t help that adding so many pieces meant that it was always going to take time for the team to gel, but gel they did.

Their slow start meant that they had to settle for second in the South, but their 4-game winning streak to end the season served notice that they were ready. The Buccaneers were second only to the Packers with 492 points scored.

The Buccaneers Offensive Outlook in 2021

You always hear about defenses winning championships, but the two teams that made the Super Bowl were 1 and 2 in passing yards per game, with the Bucs occupying the #2 spot behind the Chiefs. That they basically have all their offensive starters from last year returning should be a cause for concern for the rest of the league.

A couple of question marks after last season were Antonio Brown and Leonard Fournette, a couple of players who many believed were little more than rentals. They have both returned and signed deals for the 2021 season. Rob Gronkowski has also put aside potential retirement conversations by coming back for another year.

The Bucs added a few offensive pieces in the draft, including QB Kyle Trask out of Florida. That was perhaps a wise move given that Brady has started talking about the end of his career being very near. There is the belief that this might well be his final season, but we have thought that for the past 2-3 years.

With a full season together and a full offseason to get ready, the Buccaneers offense looks a real threat once again.

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