NFL Tennessee Titans Calendar Betting Odds & Analysis

NFL Tennessee Titans Calendar Betting Odds & Analysis

Written by on June 8, 2021

In the salary cap era in the NFL, you will find that some teams do business in a way that presents them a window of opportunity to win it all before needing to essentially blow it all up and start again. While some teams are able to play the salary cap game well and stay consistently good, it is usually an all or nothing approach that most teams tend to take. It certainly helps to have an elite QB that you can rely on for a decade or more, but those are a precious commodity in the NFL. For team that have a good QB, it’s important to protect him and surround him with talent, while also building a solid defense. The Tennessee Titans look to be all in this season given the moves that they made, so let’s take a look at what we can expect from them in 2021, along with their NFL odds.

NFL Betting – Tennessee Titans Calendar Odds & Analysis For the 2021-22 Season

The Titans in 2020

The Titans had a tough act to follow in the 2020 season after going all the way to the AFC Championship Game the year prior. They certainly made a move in the right direction, improving by a pair of wins to end the season at 11-5. While they were able to catch lightning in a bottle in 2019, the playoffs were not so kind last season. While the Titans held off the Indianapolis Colts to win the AFC South, their first division crown since 2008, the new playoff setup meant that they were doomed to the Wild Card weekend. They faced off with the Baltimore Ravens, the team they stunned in 2019, but there was no repeat in sight, as they ended up losing 20-13.

Odds to Make the Playoffs and Win the Super Bowl

It was another very solid season for the Titans in 2020, but the opening round exit in the playoffs meant that they actually took a bit of a step back from what they delivered the previous season. The harsh reality is that no one cares about what you did in the regular season if you flame out in the opening round. The Titans felt they needed more pieces to move up to Super Bowl contender coming into this season, and they got a huge one when they traded for Julio Jones. There are now many people who are of the belief that they are in prime position to make a deep run in the postseason, but it all begins with nabbing a playoff spot. Will the Titans win their way into the postseason? Here is what the bookies think:

With the signing of Julio Jones, those odds are not likely to stay that way for very long. Now might well be the time to get in and play the Titans to make the playoffs before those odds shorten. Last season was a 2-horse race for the division between the Titans and the Colts, which I believe we will see a repeat of this coming year. It would not be a surprise to see both teams make it in. The Titans have a tough schedule ahead of them, including a tough stretch of games to start the season. I still like them to come up with 11 wins and a playoff spot.

Right now, the Titans are in at +2500 to win the Super Bowl, perhaps because of their tough schedule, but I think those odds will tighten up as the new season approaches.

NFL Tennessee Titans Calendar Analysis In 2020

Every team in the NFL will head into the new season believing that they can win a Super Bowl. The reality, though, is that there are only a handful of teams who have a legitimate shot at making it all the way to the big game. In the AFC, you have to wonder if the Tennessee Titans are one of those teams. They turned a 9-7 regular season last year into a run to the AFC Championship Game. Was that a case of getting hot at the right time or is this a team to be reckoned with this coming season.

The chances of any team making the playoffs depends on several different factors, one of which is the strength of schedule. Based on the standings from last season, it would appear that the Titans have a manageable schedule this year. The teams they will face this coming season had a combined 127-128-1 record last year. With that in mind, you have to feel that Tennessee has a shot at competing for the AFC South division crown, or at the very least, a Wild card spot. The Indianapolis Colts will be better, and the Texans will be tough again, so definitely not a slam dunk.

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