Wagering Tips: Managing Your Bankroll While Football Betting

It does not matter whether a player is betting for recreation or for earning good money, one of the factors for successful football betting is good management of your bankroll. With that in mind, let us give you some useful tips on football betting bankroll management:

1. Establish an upper limit and maintain it

There are different levels of bets when you think about NFL betting lines, and for this purpose you should establish three layers of limits: Upper limit, medium and smaller.


Stick to your determined limits during ALL you bet placing, this allows football betting fans to keep finances under control and easily manage the highs and lows of the football betting system. In losing situations, your bankroll will not be affected too adversely if the bet was too large.

2. Never put too much money on any game

As we mentioned before, in most NFL betting systems one should never put a lot of money on any single game. Doing this can actually ruin your entire bankroll, making it very difficult to chase and catch up later on. It is always advisable to set up an upper limit and always stick to it.

3. Never place a bet that is not likable

This is a common happening in the world of NFL betting. There are some games that are liked by bettors and then there are those that are simply disliked. Do not put money on a team or game that you do not like. Many bettors do so just because of good NFL betting predictions or available NFL lines, but we recommend you try to avoid these games at all costs… afterall, there’s a reason everyone is avoiding this baby.

4. Avoid getting attracted to prop bets

Sure, prop bets are fun, but they are also one of the biggest mistakes that can empty out your bankrolls. Although most bettors place small amounts on prop bets, they place too many of them, and many smalls make up a big bet. Only bet on props with the greatest NFL Odds to win.


5. Carefully handle all teasers and parlays

These are also those bets that can actually end up emptying your bankrolls. They are known for paying out big when you win, but end up sucking up money with each wager. As the potential money to be made in most of these teasers and parlays is very large, most bettors can be attracted to them easily and end making huge losses since hitting all picks can be a little more difficult than expected.

6. Totals are better than Moneylines

Betting on game totals is often overlooked, but are much easier and simpler ways to place your bets than complicated moneylines. Make sure you find some good total bets and place your money on those rather than the moneylines.


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