APR 11 - Playoff And Postseason Betting Tips For Major Sports

Playoff And Postseason Betting Tips For Major Sports

With the start of the NHL playoffs just over 24 hours away and the ensuing start of the NBA playoffs getting underway on Saturday, now is the perfect time for some expert playoff and postseason online betting tips on both sports genres, with a little bit of football postseason betting tips thrown in for good measure. Let’s get started.

Playoff And Postseason Betting Tips For Major Sports

Moneyline Underdogs: Risking A Little To Win A Lot

If you didn’t know before, now you know, you can risk a little to win a lot by wagering on a value-packed postseason Moneyline underdog in all three sports. If you can successfully identify underdogs that have a legitimate chance to win their series or an individual game outright, you could very well increase your annual betting bankroll exponentially.

Remember, when you wager on value-packed underdogs, you don’t have to win as many games to bring back the same return as you would if you were betting on favorites. If you can select enough dogs that win straight-up, you’ll be rolling in dough before you know it!

Big Coaching Edge – or Not?

While coaching doesn’t mean nearly as much in the NBA or hockey where extremely skilled stars can simply take over a game, coaching acumen means everything in both, college and NFL postseason action.

Does the NFL or college football team you’re planning on betting on have an outstanding head coach that will help his team overcome the pressures of playing in the postseason or will he mismanage both, his players and the clock? Know your coaching…particularly in football, really matters!

Defense Still Wins Championships

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the NBA, NHL, NFL or college football. You should know that when it comes to winning championships, defense is still the best way to get it done.

An incendiary goalie that is turning away every shot or a lockdown defense in football and basketball can often wins games by simply keeping their opponents off the scoreboard know matter how prolific a scoring team that opponent may be.

Think about Alabama’s perennially powerful defense in college football, Denver’s shutdown defense in the NFL or maybe a former goal-topping legend like Martin Brodeur. When football and basketball teams and NHL goalies are locked in defensively, it makes winning extremely difficult for their opponents.

Playoff Series Wagers

It doesn’t matter which sports genre you’re betting on, wagering on the outcome of a playoff series is one of the best ways to cash in consistently in the postseason on NBA basketball and NHL hockey.

While many hoops and hockey postseason bettors may prefer to wager on individual games, betting on one team to beat the other in a series is a great way to cash in early and often, especially in the NBA where playoff upsets are a real rarity. If you look back, at a few of the last NBA playoffs, you’ll notice that there just hasn’t been many occasions when a favored or higher seeded team lost to their lower-seeded opponents.

Health Equals Wealth

By the time playoffs roll around, most football, basketball and hockey teams have had to deal with their share of injuries. Is the team you plan on betting on in the postseason in good health or do they have one or two key rotation players either out of the lineup or nursing nagging injuries? Make sure you’re on top of the injury report for each and every playoff game you’re betting on whether it’s the NHL, NBA, NFL or college football and you’ll maximize your chances of cashing in early and often.

By The Numbers

Make sure you do your ‘homework’ postseason playoff betting enthusiasts. Stay abreast of how each and every team in the playoffs has performed, both over the course of the season and down their stretch run of the regular season and you’ll be able to make your playoff wagers with confidence.

Date with Destiny?

Last but not least, can you identify a team with a ‘date with destiny?’

Just think about 2016 national basketball championship winning Villanova Wildcats and this year’s college hoops champion North Carolina Tar Heels. Maybe you want to look at the 2014-15 Golden State Warriors or, for me, the 2013 Baltimore Ravens and 2017 Clemson Tigers.

In all five cases, these teams had a clearly visible date with destiny that was not going to be denied. Two years ago, Villanova was not going to be denied no matter who they played and the same was true for North Carolina this season after they lost that 2016 national championship in an absolute heartbreaker.

For me, Baltimore 2013 Super Bowl title is a fantastic reminder of this ‘date with density’ thing seeing as how the Ravens were completely mediocre in posting a 10-6 record during the regular season – before they decided they were not going to lose in the postseason while sending the retiring Ray Lewis out with another much-deserved Super Bowl ring.

Every now and then, the stars align perfectly for a team and it’s not very difficult to spot. Role players that were mostly ‘average’ suddenly start playing at a higher level like and veteran stars start looking like spry 20-year-olds. Look out for teams that appear to have a date with destiny and wager accordingly.