Quick Tips on How to Increase Your Sportsbetting Winning Percentage

Quick Tips on How to Increase Your Betting Winning Percentage

Are you tired of being on the losing side of online sports betting too many times than you get to be on the winning side? Do you want to hack your way into changing from an average bettor to one that is respected for his great winning percentage in sports betting? We hope you are because we come bearing gifts in the form of hot sportsbetting tips that will not only increase the percentage of sports bets you win, but will also keep you from making the mistakes that have doomed you to big losses and costly errors in your sportsbetting endeavors. Ready? Okay, here we go…

Quick Tips on How to Increase Your Sportsbetting Winning Percentage


Know Which Type of Investor You Are?

If You Don’t Stand for Something, You’ll Fall for Anything. It sounds corny, I know, but it makes lots of sense in real life, just in the same way it does in sportsbetting. Without knowing which type of investor you are, every pick published out there will always appeal to you, just in the same way every sportsbetting and online casino gaming arena (including playing Mahjong that you don’t know anything about) will appeal to you. And as a result, you will constantly be making wrong bets and accumulating losses after losses. So, in short, know your strengths, both in terms of the sports you know most about (and hence should bet on). Also, discover whether you are a high-risk bettor—like those who can stomach the potential big losses and big profits in parlay betting–or a low-risk bettor such as those who can’t sleep for days when they blow up a measly $1000 dollar in a night. Once you know all that, do your best efforts to stay in your lane… And while you are at it, find your own unique betting system and stick to it like glue!

Plan on How to Spend Your Bank Roll

Planning, yes, planning is the very primary step of ensuring that you don’t go overboard with your bets. Just like smart finance investors plan on the total amount of money they want to invest in the stock market and what money will be apportioned to which stocks is the same way you should plan with your sportsbetting bankroll. Some of the key aspects of this planning process in sports betting include:

  • What can you can afford to lose?
  • How long and how frequently do you plan to wager in the sportsbetting line?
  • How much money do you intend to wager/invest per game?

By having such plans in place, you avoid putting unnecessary risk on your financial well-being. For example, if you plan to invest frequently and for a long duration, then you need to be ready to shoulder the heavy bankroll that comes with it, without having to put your daily/monthly/yearly spending at risk. Non-professionals are the ones who spend more than they can afford to do, risking as much as losing their cars, houses and even family just because they went overboard in their sportsbetting endeavors.

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Learn How to Shop for the Best Value Odds and Lines

Just because sportsbetting houses are open 24/7 through the 365 days of a year doesn’t mean that you have to bet every single day. There are days that come with skewed up odds or unfavorable lines. In such instance, be patient and wait for days when the odds are better or your bookie has lines that you are confident betting on. This way, you avoid falling into the never-ending pit of bettors that bet on anything and everything, and with not much profit to show for their wasteful efforts. And no, we aren’t saying that your money should only be wagered on long shots or undervalued teams. Value can come in the form of longshots just as similarly as in favorites; it all comes down to studying the odds and betting trends, and then finding for yourself if the opportunity at hand is worth the risk and potential payout thereof.

Other common but equally useful handicapping tips to increase your sportsbetting profits include:

  • Use your head over your heart when betting. If you can’t, be disciplined enough to differentiate and accept the functions of both your head and heart… And yes, the heart is not a thinking organ, or so my biology teacher said.

  • Know when to bet against the public. The public, just like the pundits, can be right, but don’t trust them that much, as most of their decisions are made from the heart and… need I say more?

  • Know the starting lineups, especially in team sports. There’s nothing worse than to place a bet too early on a team like the New Orleans Pelicans in the NBA lines only to find out that Anthony Davis—the heart and soul of the Pellies team–is out on injury.

  • Be mindful of line movements. Yeah, don’t just wait all week to bet on a Sunday night line a few hours before the game starts when the odds were released several days ago and have witnessed some key betting line movements that could tell you about where to place your bets. Mind you, this is where the groundbreaking Reverse Line Movement betting strategy came from. If you don’t know what that is, get a damn book about it and make good use of free searches on Google!

  • Study sportsbetting trends, but do not make all your betting decisions based on them because there is more to betting than just trends. Oh, and last time I checked, trends, statistics, records—or whatever name you call them—are made to be broken. You doubt that, turn on your TV and watch how Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors have been obliterating records and trends like every other freaking day!

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