Online Betting Tips: What are Teasers and How They Work

A Teaser is another major type of bet when it comes to sporting events. In its simplest form, a teaser is just a modified parlay bet – a type of wager made up of many single bets of separate sporting events. Using this principle, a teaser adds in interesting aspects of game point totals and/or point spreads to your regular sports bets. You buy a certain amount of points, which are used by the sportsbook to adjust the totals or the spreads of the individual bets, to get odds that are more favorable. Hence, a teaser is a combination of two or more wagers where you amend the point spreads and/or totals in your favor in exchange for a lesser payout and here are some online betting tips to help you place a teaser bet.

Teasers are presented after a standard wager display that is used for other wagers such as parlays. The teams to bet on will be shown with their given point spread or totals. Usually, a point spread will be identified by a smaller number such as -8 or +8, and a total will have a larger number such as +50. Do not forget that the positive sign means the team must lose by 7 points or less, and the total of +50 means the total score of both teams by the end of the game should be 49 or less.


To understand better how teasers work, it is best to illustrate with an example. Let us say you want to make a bet on an NFL match of San Diego and New York. You will choose two wagers for your teaser. Your first bet will be that San Diego will either lose or win by 7 points or less. The second wager will be that the game will end with a total score of 32 points or less. You purchase a teaser of 6 points. The bookmarker adds the teaser points into each bet.

Your first original bet was San Diego at +8 points. That now changes to +14 by simply adding your 6 teaser points. This means that now San Diego must either win or lose by 13 points or less for you to win the bet. Your second original bet was an over/under totals at +33. Adding your teaser points changes that to an over/under totals at +39. This means the final total scores of the match must be 38 points or less for you to win the bet. If you get both of your bets correct, the teaser would have been a success and you will earn a payout.

The Sweetheart Teaser

There is a very special form of teaser known as the sweetheart teaser, which is not common to many bettors, and is only available in select sportsbooks. In simple terms, the aim of these teasers is to give you more point options, anywhere from 10 or 13. Nevertheless, there is a catch. They require you to choose at least four or six teams, further reducing your payout and making your entire wager a losing proposition. These teasers can only be rewarding if you have a deeper understating of point spreads. They are not for the average gambler.


How To Bet Smart On Teasers

In exchange for allowing bettors to change the point spreads and/or totals, bookmakers usually maintain lower odds for their teaser payout timetable. When placing a teaser, you look for favorites of between -8.5 and -7.5 and underdogs from +1.5 to +2.5. In theory, both should be positive but for the past two and a half decades, dogs have shown considerably better record both home and away. Avoid using more than one favorite when you have a 3-team combination. You can tease home teams, but try to use only away dogs.

General Teaser Rules

As aforementioned, the standard betting type is complemented by the bet type combination, and each sportsbook avails this selection of point teasers. When placing a teaser, each sportsbook has slightly different regulations you must adhere to so make sure you read them, but in general, the following rules apply:

§ You must pick a minimum of two lines and a maximum of ten to place a standard basketball or football teaser.

§ All the lines ought to be point spreads and/or game totals.

§ A draw, “no action” or push decreases the number of teams or wagers in a standard teaser of three teams or more. For instance, a six-team teaser with three ties comes down to a three-team teaser, and the bookmaker will regulate the payout based on the decreased number of teams.


§ It is not possible to reduce a two-team teaser, thus a two-team teaser with a tie, “no action” or push, and a win is considered as “no action”, and you will get your money back.

§ With only the exception of ties, all your wagers must win for a teaser to be regarded a win. Even if just one of the wagers loses, your entire teaser loses, and you lose your money because there are no partial payouts.

§ Unless otherwise stated, matches not played at the specified location and/or on the specified date are considered “no action”, and your teaser is reduced to the next lowest number. The bookmaker then recalculates your payout based on the decreased number of teams.

§ You cannot include futures, circle lines, moneylines, props, quarter lines, first half and second half, in teasers.

Why Bet On Teasers

Teasers are usually underutilized, but if you learn to use them properly, they can be a valuable weapon in your arsenal. They enable you to adjust the points of your bet more in your favor. They come in handy when you realize the odds are not in your favor, and you would rather have a lower payout than risking to lose all your money. Teasers are also beneficial to a bettor who is fond of parlays but is not comfortable with the specific spreads or totals that bookmarkers have set within a desired game. A teaser enables the line to be adjusted for your parlay-type wagers such that the percentage of winning your bet dramatically increases. However, only use a teaser if the situation calls for it.

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