The NFL Playoff Picture Prior to Week 15 Games

The NFL Playoff Picture Prior to Week 15 Games

Written by on December 15, 2022

It’s Week 15 of the NFL season, and with just three games remaining on the schedule, the playoff push is on. In looking at both conferences, there are still a few spots up for grabs. Let’s take a look at the current playoff picture in both conferences, for your NFL betting.

NFL Playoff Betting Expectations


Unless there are some drastic changes, the Philadelphia Eagles, who currently hold the #1 seed, will keep that position and will have a bye in the first round, along with home-field advantage throughout. The second seed now belongs to the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings should win the NFC North and will either end up in the #2 or #3 position.

The San Francisco 49ers are making a run at the #2 seed. At 9-4, the Niners are one of the league’s hottest teams. Injuries have been an issue, but with the defense playing well, this is a very dangerous squad.

The final division winner will likely be Tampa Bay. Even though they’re below .500, the NFC South is a mess. As long as Tampa can outlast the Panthers, they’ll be in.

The top wild card spot currently belongs to the Dallas Cowboys. Barring a collapse by the Eagles, Dallas should hold this position. Coming in at #6 is another NFC East team, the Washington Commanders. With a healthy defense, this team could be dangerous.

The final wild card spot currently belongs to the New York Giants. If they hold this spot, that means the whole NFC East qualifies for the playoffs. Washington and New York play this weekend, so that means something will change.

The Seattle Seahawks and Detroit Lions are currently on the outside looking in. Detroit is one of the hottest teams in the league and are quickly climbing up the standings. We’ll see how this all plays out.


 At 10-3, the Buffalo Bills currently hold the top spot. Also, at 10-3, the Kansas City Chiefs hold the #2 position. Buffalo owns the tiebreaker over Kansas City due to their victory over the Chiefs earlier in the season. At #3, the Baltimore Ravens are in a battle for their division with the current #5 seed, the Cincinnati Bengals.

Right now, they have the same record, but the Ravens hold the tiebreaker due to their better divisional record. With Lamar Jackson out, Baltimore’s status could change drastically over the next few weeks. The Tennessee Titans are leading the AFC South and hold the #4 seed.

As we already stated, Cincinnati holds the top wild-card spot. Two AFC East teams hold the next two spots, as the Miami Dolphins are the #6 seed, while the New England Patriots are the final team in the playoff field as of now.

The New York Jets and Los Angeles Chargers are the next two teams who could get into the playoff field.

The Chargers are playing well right now, as they’ve finally gotten all of their offensive weapons back on the field. The Jets have a very good defense, but we don’t know the status of starting quarterback Mike White, and if he doesn’t play, we could see the return of Zach Wilson. 


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