NFL Teams Betting Tiers: Super Bowl Contenders, Underdogs & Longshots

NFL Teams Betting Tiers: Super Bowl Contenders, Underdogs & Longshots

The NFL has become the parity league. Although not on the level of the NHL, every season the National Football League boasts four to eight teams that can win the Super Bowl. This season, teams with a shot to win the Super Bowl number 18. Check out a breakdown of those 18 teams. Which squads are chalks, which are in the hunt, and which can win with some luck. With all that in mind, let’s jump right into action so you can plan your bets against the NFL odds.

Team Betting Tiers From NFL Super Bowl Favorites to Real Underdogs

2021 NFL Season

  • When: Sep. 9, 2021 – Jan. 9, 2022

Tier I Super Bowl Contenders – The Chalk

  • Kansas City Chiefs +500

The only question is whether the offensive line gels. If it does, and if Orlando Brown is the all-world left tackle Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid believe he is, the Chiefs should win homefield advantage in the AFC. 

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +550

Tampa enters the season with the 29th most difficult schedule. That alone makes the Super Bowl defending champions the team to beat in the NFC. What also helps? Tom Brady was yelling at teammates during the first week of training camp with the same fervor he used to bring to Patriot practices. 

  • Buffalo Bills +1100

If Josh Allen rises to the next level, he wins the NFL MVP and the Bills squash their AFC East opponents. Buffalo played well versus KC in the AFC Championship. This year’s goal is to beat the Chiefs, or anybody they face, in the AFC Championship, and then go on to win the Super Bowl.  

  • Tennessee Titans +2200

Adding outside linebacker Bud Dupree and wide receiver Julio Jones makes the Titans a legit, chalk contender to win Super Bowl 56. Dupree will solidify Tennessee’s pass rush and run defense. Jones adds muscle to an offense that averaged over 30 points per last season. 

  • Los Angeles Rams +1200

Matthew Stafford excelled playing in Detroit. Why wouldn’t he excel with a more creative coach in Sean McVay? In 2020, the Rams fielded the best defense in the NFL based on average yards allowed. Even if the defense takes a backward step, Jalen Ramsey and Aaron Donald will ensure it’s a Top 10 unit. 

Tier II Super Bowl Contenders – In the Hunt

  • Green Bay Packers +1200

The Pack fall from The Chalk category to the In the Hunt category because, let’s be honest, how fired up is Aaron Rodgers this season? Sure, he’ll play hard and post MVP like numbers. But when push comes to shove, does AR really care if he hands Green Bay another Super Bowl title?

  • Cleveland Browns +1400

The Browns could lean on their fantastic rushing attack, Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt are awesome, to win the AFC North Division. Ah, but what happens in the playoffs? For Cleveland to leap to favorite status, Baker Mayfield must take a forward leap. 

  • San Francisco 49ers +1400

On paper, the Niners look strong. But there’s a question at the most important position on the field, quarterback. Trey Lance won’t start this season. Jimmy Garoppolo heads into 2021 off another injury. San Francisco will be in the hunt, but it’s tough seeing them beating the Rams and winning the NFC West. 

  • New Orleans Saints +3000

The Saints have two-options at quarterback, which is a strength. Don’t expect New Orleans to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and win the NFC South. The Saints could, though, grab a wildcard. Once in the playoffs, Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill could be more effective than Drew Brees was in last year’s postseason. Winston and Hill are younger and have much less tread on the tires than Brees did. 

  • Miami Dolphins +3000

Some NFL analysts expect QB Tua Tagovailoa to fold. But what if that doesn’t happen? The Fins boast a relatively easy schedule, have a dynamite defense, and has a fantastic coaching staff. So if Tua excels, the Dolphins will challenge the Buffalo Bills for the AFC East title. 

Tier III Super Bowl Contenders – Can Win With Luck

  • Baltimore Ravens +1600

The Ravens are a play great during the regular season and fail in the playoffs team. The problem? Defensive coordinators have figured out how to contain Baltimore’s rushing attack. Lamar must step it up and the Ravens must get lucky in a few games because Baltimore has the second most difficult schedule in the NFL. 

  • Seattle Seahawks +2200

For all the talk about how awesome Jamal Adams is, the strong safety didn’t help the Seahawks at all last season. Seattle was great against the rush and horrible versus the pass. Russell can only do so much. So the Seahawks must get lucky in the sense that their porous pass defense becomes great. 

  • Arizona Cardinals +4000

Arizona must answer two questions this season. First, is Kyler Murray a good enough quarterback to lead the team to the playoffs? Second, is the defense good enough to stop Seattle’s, San Francisco’s, and the Rams’ offense? If the answer to both question is yes, the Cardinals are Lombardi Trophy contender. 

  • Los Angeles Chargers +3300

The Chargers play in the AFC West where the Kansas City Chiefs reside. So, yes, they require some luck. But Los Angeles is not without a shot if Rashawn Slater, their rookie left tackle, is as good as advertised. We know quarterback Justin Herbert is good. Last season, he played great behind a mediocre O-line. 

  • Indianapolis Colts +2400

Heading into training camp, a case could be made that Indianapolis had the top offensive line and best defense in the NFL. Bad luck has already hit the Colts, though. QB Carson Wentz is out 5-to-12 weeks with a foot injury. Offensive guard Quenton Nelson is out 5-12 weeks with the same injury that took down Wentz. The Colts remain a good football team. But they’ll require a ton of luck to make the playoffs unless Wentz and Nelson come back ready by Week 4, and even then the jury is out on Wentz. 

  • Dallas Cowboys +2400

Dak Prescott heads into the season off a devastating injury. If Dak isn’t one-hundred percent, and there’s no way to know, the Cowboys don’t win the NFC East. Second, the Cowboys used their first six draft picks on defenders. It will take luck for all six of those players to provide significant contributions. 

  • Washington Football Team +4000

The defense is dynamite and head coach Ron Rivera is fantastic. So what’s not to like? Ryan Fitzpatrick or Taylor Heinicke will start at quarterback. Rivera and the WFT must get lucky that Fitzpatrick or Heinicke, one of them, becomes an all-pro. 

  • New England Patriots +2000

New England requires more luck than any other semi-contender on this list. Josh McDaniel and Bill Belichick could pull off a miracle, sure. But before they can, Mac Jones must play like Terrific Tom’s doppelganger or Cam Newton must play like it’s 2015. The likelihood of either happening isn’t great. But, again, Belichick and McDaniel could pull off a miracle. So don’t discount the Pats.

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