Best Wild Card Weekend NFL Lines and Parlay Picks

Written by on January 6, 2016

Wild card weekend is when the fun really starts to kick off as far as NFL betting is concerned. Suddenly, the betting that would amount in 16 games, is dedicated to only 4 games. We find a lot of intriguing matchups in these four games this week that make for great parlay picks. On this page we’re going to look at a few different parlays you can use to your advantage come Saturday and Sunday. Be sure to check back on MyBookie.ag for updated weekend NFL lines as the bookies adjust odds every day due to the high volume of bettors like yourself.

Two-Team Parlay Picks For Wild Card Weekend NFL Lines

Kansas City -3 KC vs Hou OVER 40 Points: This parlay just falls into place beautifully. The Chiefs have scored over 29 points in 6 of their 10 victories throughout their 10 game win streak they’ve been on. When they win, they often score. They’re coming into this game energized and ready for another win to be added to their streak. You wouldn’t believe it, but Houston can score as well, even without Arian Foster. Deandre Hopkins has no trouble getting space against the soft Chiefs secondary. I think the Chiefs will get up early, and the Texans will be playing catch-up, resulting in a high-scoring game, and a Chiefs win.

Three-Team Parlay Picks For Wild Card Weekend NFL Lines

Green Bay +1 Green Bay vs Washington UNDER 45 Points Seattle -5 This bet just prepares us for a matchup of last year’s NFC championship showdown, but in reality this is a great parlay. The Under is 10-3 in the Packer’s last 13 games, so there’s viable reason to pick that. The Packers +1 is a no-brainer for many bettors. If the Seahawks win by 5 or more, which after looking at their 38-7 thrashing of the Vikings a few weeks ago, seems very likely, you only have the Packers game to look forward to. This is a very safe three-wager parlay, as strange as that sounds.
The Green Bay Packers at -1 are a great way to bump your Parlay winnings.

Four-Team Parlay Picks For Wild Card Weekend NFL Lines

Take note – a four-wager parlay rarely converts, but I’m going to try to put together my four safest bets of the week and compile them into one parlay. Seattle -5 Kansas City -3 GB +1 Pittsburgh -3 This takes all of the betting favorites and compiles them into one bet. This is a risky bet, but it’s hard to see any of these games going any differently. Seattle, Kansas City, and Pittsburgh are coming into the playoffs incredibly hot, and Green Bay +1 is a great wager however you look at it. If you want a four-wager parlay that comes about as safe as possible, this is a great choice. You don’t have to worry about the over/under in these games as well. Solely focus on the games themselves, and if the outcomes come true, you’re going to be one rich bettor at the end of the day. Hopefully you can use these parlay ideas to whip up your own unique bets. Feel free to take my picks as well when trying to compile your own parlays. Make sure you check back here on MyBookie.ag throughout the week to see if any odds shift in your favor! You might be able to capitalize on great odds if you keep your eyes open.
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