Soccer Betting

Explaining Soccer Betting Win, Lose and Tie

Soccer, commonly known as football outside the USA, is easily the most popular sport in the world and betting on it will always be a priority for Sportsbooks and soccer betting enthusiasts, both locally and internationally. And the best part about it is that you don’t need to be a guru in sportsbetting to place your wagers on soccer odds; once you know the basics options in soccer betting, you’ll be more than ready to get started in terms of placing your bets and profiting from the industry. In fact, by learning about the win, lose and tie soccer betting options that are explained below, you are guaranteed of being able to start betting on soccer matches as early as today.

Explaining Soccer Betting Win, Lose and Tie

Basic Rules in Soccer Betting

  • Wagers on the outcome of soccer games are decided in regulation time only. This includes the two 45-minute halves of play and any time the referee compensates for injuries and any other forms of stoppages during the game. Periods of extra time or penalty shootouts are dealt with separately.
  • If a soccer game is suspended or stopped before full time is reached (due to weather or any other related reasons) and the match is not completed on the same day; the soccer wagers on the game’s outcome are deemed void and all stakes shall be returned to the soccer punter.

All You Need to Know About Win, Lose and Tie in Soccer Betting

In soccer betting, every punter has three options to choose from: Team A winning, Team B winning, Both Teams finishing with a draw. If you bet on either Team A or Team B to win yet the game ends in a draw/tie after regulation time, you lose the bet. Also, if you wager on a draw and either of the two teams wins after regulation time, you lose the bet. And you can’t choose for both teams to win, you have to make one choice. Below is an example of what you may find in an online sportsbook in regards to a hypothetical EPL soccer game between Chelsea and Soccer, explaining to you the win, lose and tie options
  • Chelsea   -170
  • Draw   +240
  • Arsenal   +340
In this instance, Chelsea is the favored team, as identified by the (-) sign while Arsenal is the underdog. The middle option denotes the odds for a tie result. Now, of if the game ends in a tie, bettors who wagered on a draw would receive a payout of $240 for every $100 wagered. Simplified to a lesser stake, a winning draw bet would pay out $24 total for a $10 stake. Conversely, if Chelsea wins the game, those who had bets on Chelsea as favorites would earn $170 ($70 profit) for every $100 stake, while a successful bet on Arsenal would result in $340 ($240 profit) per $100 wagered. Evidently, underdogs pay out more money, so you should be on the lookout for good underdog odds. That said, don’t just bet on any underdog; only go for those that you feel have a realistic chance of winning the game. Besides the above representation, soccer odds can be represented as Decimal Odds, as is highlighted below:
  • Juventus   1.85
  • Draw   2.35
  • Inter Milan   2.55
Fractional Odds are the other form of representing soccer odds, as is shown below
  • Barcelona   9/10
  • Draw   9/7
  • Atletico Madrid   11/10
The bottom line about these variations is that they are mere mathematical representations that are styled based on what a sports book prefers. And you don’t have to worry about the calculations because they are pretty easy to understand and all sportsbooks will clearly showcase the amount on money you stand to win on any given bet. Other Forms of Soccer Betting to Note: The wide variety of soccer betting on European, American and domestic leagues across the world, along with the advent of the internet, mean that soccer punters always have a variety of betting options to choose from besides the common win, lose and draw options. Some of the ones you are bound to come across include: Total Goals Betting (involves betting on game totals in form of OVER\UNDER bets), parlay bets (combination of various bets on using one stake), and other proposition-oriented bets such as player to score at any time, time of first goal, half time result and top scorer, among others. Feel free to check out our other guides on how to bet on these other form of soccer bets.