5 Betting Tips that Will Get You Ready for the 2019 NFL Season

5 Betting Tips that Will Get You Ready for the 2019 NFL Season

Written by on June 25, 2019

The 2019 NFL Regular Season will be here before you know it. In this article we want to discuss betting tips to get you ready for the NFL Regular Season. Don’t forget to check out four tips on how to handicap the offseason. Do that first and then do the following 5 things that we list here. By doing so, you’ll be ready to rock the regular season for big profits! So check these tips before picking the best NFL lines this season!

5 Betting Tips that Will Get You Ready for the 2019 NFL Season

Look for Key Changes in NFL Teams

The Pittsburgh Steelers will be without wide receiver Antonio Brown for the first time in years. How will that affect the Steelers? Pittsburgh will also be without running back Le’Veon Bell. Will losing both Bell and AB turn the Steelers into a slower offensive team?

The Kansas City Chiefs are in desperation mode because Tyreek Hill, their top wide receiver, must meet with NFL investigators. Without Hill, how effective will KC’s offense be? The Chiefs also lost both their defensive ends. They acquired Frank Clark from Seattle. Will he help them get past losing Dee Ford and Justin Houston?

Think about key changes for every team in the NFL. Really dig deep into the teams you plan on betting for or against once the season starts.

Don’t Disregard the Obvious

The New England Patriots are still looking for someone to replace tight-end Rob Gronkowski, but let’s be serious for a moment. Will the Jets, Bills, or Dolphins really challenge the Patriots in the AFC East?

Same goes for the NFC South where New Orleans has dominated the past couple of seasons. The Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons are good teams. Are they good enough to beat the Saints? Doubtful.

Build Your Bankroll from Now Until NFL Week 1

You must head into the NFL Season with a nice, plump, bankroll. If you bet on other sports, don’t stop doing that. Start putting money into your account specifically for football wagering, though. Or, talk to a customer service rep and put in as much as you can so that you can get the biggest bonus you can.

Stash the money you put away for the bonus money and the bonus money itself for the NFL Season. Nothing beats preparation.

If You Play NFL Parlays, Come Up with a Parlay Base Bet

You should have a base bet for your NFL wagers. Don’t forget about the parlay base bet. The parlay base bet could be something as low as $25 to up to $100. It all depends on risk versus reward. If you’re a 2-team NFL parlay bettor, consider a higher parlay base bet. If you’re a 3-team or 4-team parlay better, consider lowering your parlay base bet.

Whatever it is, just make sure you know what it is. Again, preparation is key to making profit during the NFL Regular Season.

Become an Expert for an NFL Team Right Now

Don’t wait until the season starts because depending on the team you become an expert for, you could miss out on some nice NFL future odds. Become an expert right now. Pick a team and read as much as you can on the changes they went through, their strength of schedule, the teams in their division, and how oddsmakers might perceive them when the season starts.

Then, look at their schedule and try to anticipate overlay odds, either for or against the spread for that NFL team. Let’s take the Denver Broncos as an example.

The Broncos play in the deep AFC West where the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers are expected to make the playoffs. The Broncos will, no doubt, be undervalued against the spread in their four matchups versus the Chiefs and Chargers. If Denver is your key NFL betting team, circle those four games.

Then, handicap those four games depending on what’s happened before the specific game. By becoming an expert for a single NFL team, you can lean on that team for potential profits during the season.