5 Betting Tips that Will Get You Ready for the 2023 NFL Season

5 Betting Tips that Will Get You Ready for the 2023 NFL Season

The NFL OTAs are happening, before you know it will be time for training camps to open, and after just three weeks of the preseason, we’ll be ready for real football.

It will be here before you know it, and you need to get ready for the NFL betting lines during the whole 2023 season.


5 Betting Tips to Get You Ready for the 2023 NFL Season | MyBookie Football Preview

NFL Regular Season: September 7, 2023 – January 7, 2024
NFL Playoffs:: January 13, 2024
Super Bowl LVIII: February 11, 2024


1. Look at the NFL Schedule

It’s never too soon to look at the complete NFL schedule and try to spot exploitable matchups. Back-to-back travel weeks for teams, or teams coming off byes and playing someone who isn’t. Or when the rookie quarterbacks face easier teams later in the season, when they are no longer brand new to the NFL.

The schedule is full of weeks in which some teams are better bets than they might normally be, and you should identify those games now. Circle them, and then watch how things unfold as we get closer to that week.


2. New Faces in New Places

Last year a lot of bettors got burned by Russell Wilson. It was assumed by many that he would step into the Broncos quarterback position and instantly turn them into a contender. The opposite happened instead, and a lot of people lost money.

Aaron Rodgers is a much safer bet to still look like a Hall of Famer, but expect to see a much better Rodgers later in the season. Even one of the all-time greats will have an adjustment changing teams, so bet accordingly. This is doubly true for Derek Carr in New Orleans and Jimmy Garoppolo in Las Vegas.

Make sure you know which teams made big changes on offense, and then watch how those offenses develop.


3. Past is Prologue

Each team is different each and every year, but they often still play like they have in years past.

Kansas City is at the top of the NFL mountain, except when it comes to covering point spreads. In fact, even though they have won 40 regular season games over the last three years, they have been below .500 ATS in each of those three years.

The Bengals on the other hand have been over .500 against the spread in five of the last six season seasons, even though they were a bad team for four of those years.

Study the past. It will inform the present, and predict the future.


4. Know Your Injury Reports

One of the most important factors in placing weekly NFL bets is the injury report. There are a lot of sources for injury news available these days, and you shouldn’t wait until the season before you find them. Look around, find one or two reliable sources, and then subscribe. You want to know about the injuries players have throughout training camps, and not just during the season. Those are the injuries that often linger, and cause last-minute roster issues.


5. Learn About Line Movement

Now, before the season begins, read up on why lines move, how they move, and what that movement means. Being able to spot the difference between line movement that is caused by experienced bettors putting down large sums of money, and just the public reacting to big names making headlines, can be the difference between winning your bet, and losing along with the public.

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