NFL Green Bay Packers Season Analysis

NFL Green Bay Packers Season Analysis

Written by on June 1, 2021

If it’s Green Bay, it must be drama. At the time of this writing, 2020 NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers and the Packers have yet to settle on whether he’ll play or not. We take a longer look at the main issue while analyzing the Packers’ schedule and odds to win the 2022 Super Bowl. That being said, let’s get right to it so you can plan your bets against their NFL odds.

NFL Betting – Green Bay Packers Calendar Odds & Analysis For the 2021-22 Season

2021 NFL Season: Can the Packers Win the Lombardi Trophy in 2022?

  • When: Sep. 9 – Jan. 9

Green Bay Packers Schedule & Odds Analysis

  • Odds to win Super Bowl 56: +1300

Where does the Green Bay Packers schedule land in terms of difficulty?

Green Bay enters the season with the NFL’s fourth most difficult schedule. Only the Steelers, Ravens, and Bears show a more difficult schedule.

The New Orleans Saints, Los Angeles Rams, Arizona Cardinals, and Washington Football Team are on the schedule. So are the Seattle Seahawks, Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns, and Kansas City Chiefs.

One word can describe Green Bay’s 2021 slate of games. Brutal. 

What are some of the key games on the Packers’ schedule?

All division games are key. Even the contests against the Detroit Lions will be meaningful because nobody should expect Green Bay to run the table against their outside division opponents.

Beating New Orleans, the Rams, and Kansas City in a single season asks a lot. Add the Seahawks, Ravens, and Browns, and it’s apparent that if Green Bay takes a backward step, they could miss the playoffs. 

What are the two most important keys for a Green Bay Packers’ Super Bowl victory?

Rodgers has said he doesn’t believe he can play for the organization as long as Brian Getekunst is their GM. So Green Bay’s biggest issue is one that involves hiring and firing. If the Packers ditch Getekunst, they make their MVP quarterback happy.

If they don’t, Rodgers could stay disgruntled throughout the regular season. Heck, Green Bay may trade Aaron if he insists he won’t play for the Pack.

Even if Rodgers plays, Green Bay could be in a tough situation. The second biggest issue is how Aaron Rodgers fits in with his team. Sounds crazy, but the 16-year Green Bay veteran could be the odd man out once training camp starts.

Having an unhappy quarterback causes problems. Players won’t know whether to side with Rodgers or side with management. Don’t think it strange that an NFL organization has the same issues as a corporation.

In this case, it really isn’t strange because the Packers is a corporation in the sense the citizens of Green Bay are shareholders. 

Are the current Super Bowl odds on Green Bay fair or unfair?

At this point, anything less than +2000 are unfair. Green Bay has the talent on both sides of the football to win the Super Bowl.

But the Packers don’t have an easy schedule and a couple of teams in their division, Minnesota and Chicago should be better. Also, no way Aaron Rodgers is happy playing for Green Bay after what has gone down the past couple of months.

At +1300, Green Bay is an underlay. Even if Rodgers signs a longer deal, stays with Packer Nation, and says everything is copasetic, backing Green Bay at anything less than +2000 isn’t wise. 

NFL Green Bay Packers Calendar Analysis In 2020

After winning a stunning 13 games in Year 1 of the Matt LaFleur era, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers will enter the upcoming 2020 NFL regular season with some seriously high hopes. Better yet, if you’re looking to find out whether the Packers are going to be legitimate Super Bowl contenders – or something less than that – you’ve come to the right place, thanks to the expert NFL insight that you’re about to get on Rodgers and the Super Bowl-hopeful Packers.

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