NFL Betting Predictions of Which Teams Will Win Each 2022 Division

NFL Betting Predictions of Which Teams Will Win Each 2022 Division

The NFL never stops! While the regular season and the playoffs only take up roughly six months, the NFL is a year-round league. With the schedule having recently been released, the betting odds for divisional champs, conference champs, and Super Bowl winners have also been released. 

The oddsmakers from multiple books agree on the teams that are favored to win 7 of the eight divisions. However, some of the major books differ in who will win the AFC North.

Let’s take a look at the favorites to win each of the divisions so you can bet against their NFC Divisional odds and their AFC Divisional odds respectively. 

Who Will Win Each of the Divisions in the NFL in 2022?

AFC East

The Buffalo Bills are the runaway favorites to win the AFC East. Coming in at -225, the oddsmakers think that this is a sure thing. The Miami Dolphins have the next-best odds at +450.

Buffalo is the favorite to win the Super Bowl this year, and with all of the off-season moves that they’ve made, it will be a disappointment if they don’t win the AFC this season.

AFC North

This division is up for grabs this season. Many of the top bookmakers disagree on who will win this division.

The Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals both have a great shot at winning this division. Baltimore had a lot of key injuries that derailed their season in 2021.

We all know that the Bengals represented the AFC in last year’s Super Bowl. They made key upgrades to their offensive line, which was their biggest weakness last season.

These teams are coming in at +200 or +205, so it’s a crapshoot on who’ll win the division.

AFC South

The Indianapolis Colts, at -125, are the clear-cut favorites. Now that they’ve acquired Matt Ryan to lead the offense, the Colts should win. The rest of the division is fairly weak, and the Colts should have a very solid offense and defense.

AFC West

At +175, the Kansas City Chiefs are once again favored to win the West. This should be one of the best divisions in football, as all four teams are talented enough to make the playoffs. The Chargers will be breathing down the Chiefs’ neck this season, as they’ve made some upgrades in the offseason.

NFC East

Jerry Jones’s team is favored to win the NFC East once again this season. We’ll see if losing Amari Cooper will hurt the Dallas offense. Dallas’s defense surprised many last season, but we’re not sure how good they’re going to be this season.

Dallas is +130 to win the East, but the Philadelphia Eagles aren’t far behind at +160.

NFC North

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are clearly the class of the division. At -175, the oddsmakers don’t think that the Packers will have any difficulty winning the North. The Lions and Bears are rebuilding, and the Vikings just aren’t talented enough to keep up with Green Bay.

NFC South

Tom Brady is back! That’s all that you need to know for this one. Tampa Bay is a -300, and the next closest team, the New Orleans Saints, are a +350.

We can’t see the Saints, Panthers, or Falcons coming close to competing with the Bucs for the South.

NFC West

This is truly the toughest division in football, as three of the four teams have a shot at winning the division.

The reigning Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams have the best odds of winning at +125. 

The San Francisco 49ers aren’t far behind at +165. The Arizona Cardinals started off last season strong but petered out at the end of the season come in at +400.


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