Super Bowl Odds to Win the Title at the Final Round of Preseason

Super Bowl Odds to Win the Title at the Final Round of Preseason

As we get ready to head into the final round of preseason games in the NFL, we need to start looking ahead to the regular season and how things might play out there. We are all aware that you can’t really judge any team by what they do in preseason action, seeing a team get out of those games without picking up any serious injuries might just have you ready to drop a few bucks in the potential Super Bowl winner. With the real games now closer than ever, we thought it was the perfect time to take a look at the current odds to win the Super Bowl. These are going to change with each passing week, so it’s up to you to decide the best time to place your wager. Let’s get to the Super Bowl LVIII odds.


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NFL Regular Season: September 7, 2023 – January 7, 2024
NFL Super Bowl LVIII: Sunday, February 11, 2024, Allegiant Stadium, Paradise, Nevada.


Kansas City Chiefs

Super Bowl Odds +580

Since the arrival of Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs have become a dominant force in the league and come into this season as the defending Super Bowl champions. There is nothing to suggest that they are about to take any kind of backward step, so they once again have to be considered the team to beat, although there are some AFC teams who could halt their progress.

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Philadelphia Eagles

Super Bowl Odds +710

There has been a bit of a strange trend in recent years where the team that lost in the Super Bowl follows that up with an underwhelming season that sees them miss the playoffs. Unless something happens to Jalen Hurts, I don’t see that being the case for the Eagles. They have the talent to win now and will be looking to go one step further than they did last season. I think they are a great bet at these odds.

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Buffalo Bills

Super Bowl Odds +860

This is another team whose championship winning window remains wide open heading into the new season. Once again, it looks as though the Bills and the Chiefs may be on a bit of a collision course in the AFC, although there is one other team that could upset that apple cart, which we will get to in a moment. The Bills are a solid pick to win it all and should be ready for another deep run.

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San Francisco 49ers

Super Bowl Odds +930

The 49ers made a deep run last season with 3rd stringer Brock Purdy under center. The big question surrounding this team is whether the performance by Purdy was a case of lightning in a bottle, or whether it was a sign that he was ready to be the starter from day one. This is going to be a fun team to watch this season.

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Cincinnati Bengals

Super Bowl Odds +1025

As we have already mentioned, the general consensus is that the Bills and Chiefs will be the cream of the AFC, but Joe Burrow and the Bengals are going to have something to say about that. When they made it to the Super Bowl a couple of years back, they did so ahead of schedule, but this team is now primed and ready to make a championship run. The AFC North is going to be tough this season, so they should be battle tested by the time the playoffs roll around.

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2023-24 NFL Conference Championship Odds

Odds to Win 2024 AFC Championship
AFC TeamOdds
Kansas City Chiefs+330
Buffalo Bills+550
Baltimore Ravens+620
Miami Dolphins+660
Cincinnati Bengals+900
Jacksonville Jaguars+1325
Cleveland Browns+1425
Los Angeles Chargers+1625
Pittsburgh Steelers+2200
New York Jets+3700
Tennessee Titans+3800
Denver Broncos+4800
New England Patriots+4800
Las Vegas Raiders+5600
Indianapolis Colts+8000
Houston Texans+22000
AFC Lines to Win
Odds to Win 2024 NFC Championship
NFC TeamOdds
San Francisco 49ers+255
Philadelphia Eagles+330
Dallas Cowboys+350
Detroit Lions+1025
New Orleans Saints+1275
Atlanta Falcons+1825
Green Bay Packers+2200
Seattle Seahawks+2200
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+3100
Minnesota Vikings+3300
Los Angeles Rams+3600
Washington Commanders+3600
New York Giants+5400
Chicago Bears+6600
Carolina Panthers+9000
Arizona Cardinals+26000
NFC Lines to Win


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