Updated NFL Betting for 3 Surprising Teams in this 2023/24 Season

Updated NFL Betting for Surprising Teams in this 2023/24 Season

Every football fan has an idea of how they think the upcoming season will play out, but the harsh reality is that very few, if any, will get things exactly right. In a separate piece, we took some time to talk about the teams that might emerge as a surprise package this season. When you have an unexpected team excel, it usually comes at the expense of another team that we expected to do a whole lot better. That is what we are going to focus on with this piece, selecting a few teams that could potentially fail to live up to expectations. In short, these are the unpleasant surprises that could potentially bust the tickets of those who have them to win, so let’s get to it for you to consider in your NFL betting.

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2023 NFL season | 104th season of National Football League in the United States
September 7, 2023–February 11, 2024


New York Jets

Regular Season Wins: 9.5
Over: -116
Under: -105

Yes, the Jets should be a good deal better this season now that they have an MVP QB under center. The question is whether they are going to be as good as those jumping on the Jets bandwagon believe they will be. The Jets defense should be solid, just as it was last year, but I have some doubts about Rodgers and the Jets offense. It was, in comparison to what we have seen from him over his career, a down year for Rodgers in Green Bay. Now, whether that was his being unhappy there or a sign of the decline that hits every player remains to be seen, but the seeds of doubt have been sown in my mind. This division could be tough in 2023, and for me, the Jets are not a playoff lock.

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Minnesota Vikings

Regular Season Wins: 8.5
Over: -110
Under: -110

When a team comes off a 13-win season and prepares to come back with the majority of their personnel still in place, you would assume that another good season is coming. I am not so sure that we are going to see that with the Vikings in 2023, as I believe that they are set to head into a decline. I’m not suggesting that it will be a precipitous fall from grace or that they won’t make the playoffs, but I do believe that there will be a bigger struggle for them in the North this season. The Lions are better, while the Packers and Bears both have potential dark horse capabilities. It just makes sense to me that the Vikings will take a step back.

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Dallas Cowboys

Regular Season Wins: 9.5
Over: -170
Under: +139

Say what you want about this team, I think they are coming into the season with a ton of pressure on their shoulders. On paper, this is a good squad with a solid coaching staff, but I also think they are one more disappointing season away from blowing things up, Ezekiel Elliot is gone, as is former offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, but will those changes bear fruit? Again, only time will tell, but I think the run game, which was poor last year, looks worse this season, which is going to put even more pressure on Dak Prescott to deliver. If the Cowboys struggle out of the gate, things could get real rough real quick.

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Updated NFL Betting for Surprising Teams in August 28, 2023


Hard as it may seem to believe, the NFL preseason is done and we are now looking forward to the start of meaningful games, with the first of those coming with the season opener a week from Thursday. The final cuts are about to be made and we should all now have an idea of how we think things will play out. Some of you will be taking it week to week, while others will already have their Super Bowl picks in place. As happens every season, though, we are going to see surprises across the board. A few teams will emerge as legit contenders that few saw coming, while some early favorites will fail to live up to expectations. For the purpose of the next piece, we are going to look at 3 teams we believe could be a pleasant surprise to consider in your NFL betting odds. We will do the same later this week for teams we think might stumble, so let’s get it started.

Miami Dolphins

Regular Season Wins: 9.5
Over: -101
Under: -121

Seeing the Dolphins have a great year might not count as a total surprise to some, but the reality is that they have been somewhat forgotten in the AFC East. The Bills are the obvious favorites, while many fans are jumping on the New York Jets bandwagon now that Aaron Rodgers will be under center in the Big Apple. This might prove to be a good thing for the Dolphins, as the hype on those other 2 teams might just take some of the pressure off. The one major caveat with the Dolphins is that their fate will likely depend on the health of Tua Tagovailoa. If he can stay healthy this season, the Dolphin might just upset the apple cart in the AFC East.

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Pittsburgh Steelers

Regular Season Wins: 8.5
Over: -145
Under: +119

Once again, the Cincinnati Bengals come into the season as the favorite to win the AFC North, and for good reason. If you look at the odds for the entire division, though, you see that the bookies think we could be in for a tight race. I am with them on that, as I believe that you could make a case for each of the 4 teams. The one that jumps out to me, though, is the Pittsburgh Steelers. Defensively, they are going to be solid again, but if you look at the final few weeks of last season and the preseason, you see a young QB that looks set to take a big step forward this season. The Steelers added some weapons for Kenny Pickett, and I believe that the Steelers could make some noise in 2023.

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Chicago Bears

Regular Season Wins: 7.5
Over: -131
Under: +108

The NFC North appears to be in a bit of a transition period, with the consensus being that the entire division looks to be wide open this season. The belief is that it will be the Detroit Lions who make the forward move this season, but could we potentially see the Chicago Bears step up? Based on last season, the obvious answer is no, but this is a team that has made some very good moves in the offseason to address issues on both sides of the football. They got QB Justin Fields some much needed help, so he may not spend so much time scrambling around and running for his life. I’m not suggesting a Bears Super Bowl, but a Wild Card is possible.

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