Week 1 QBs Performance Review - NFL Analysis

Week 1 QBs Performance Review – NFL Analysis

There are still a couple of Monday night games to be played, but for the most part, Week 1 of the NFL season is in the books. We have certainly seen more than enough to start talking about individual performances, specifically at the QB position. There were some great performances to be found among the games played thus far, as well as some stinkers. It is still too early to get overly excited or worried about an individual performance, but we thought it might still be fun to highlight some of the highs and lows in QB play in the opening week so you can start narrowing down your bets and wager on their NFL odds.

QB Rundown on Sunday’s Week 1 Games: Top & Worst performance, and Complete letdown

Top Performance

I think we are basically looking at a tie here, as there were a couple of QB’s who really shone in Week 1, neither of which can be considered a surprise. Let’s start by talking about Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks. He started the season in Atlanta, going against the Falcons, and while he did not have as many yards as Matt Ryan, he did a whole lot more with fewer passing attempts. Wilson went 31/25 for 322 yards and 4 TDs. He added 29 more yards on the ground.

A lot of people were keeping a close eye on Aaron Rodgers of the Packers in Week 1, especially after all the draft drama this offseason. If the Packers really are ready to move on from the former MVP, they may want to rethink that after Rodgers went 32/44 for 364 yards and 4 TD passes in a 43-34 win over the Minnesota Vikings.

We should also give a shout out to Josh Allen of the Bills who was 33-46 for 312 yards and 2 TDs.

Worst Performance

I’m not sure whether we should call it the worst performance or the most disappointing, but other than a TD drive to start the game, Tom Brady looked mighty mediocre. He tossed a pair of INTs, including a pick six, as the Buccaneers went down to the Saints in New Orleans.

Carson Wentz also deserves some consideration for the worst performance of the week, although in fairness, he did not get a lot of help from his O-line, taking 8 sacks and 14 hits over the course of the day in a loss to the Washington Commanders

Sam Darnold of the New York Jets is another one that has to be feeling some of the glare from the spotlight this morning after a pretty woeful day against the Bills. He did pick up the pace a little later in the game, but a horrific start put the Jets behind the 8-ball early.

Complete Letdown

While it as tempting to put Brady in here, we are choosing instead to go with Baker Mayfield of the Cleveland Browns. He took  serious step back last season in what was an awful year for the Browns, but despite a lot of talk in the offseason about how things would be better this year, Mayfield and the Browns stunk the joint out in a 38-6 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Mayfield went 21/39 for 189 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT. Perhaps he looked worse because Lamar Jackson was so good, but either way, things look problematic in Cleveland.


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