Full Betting Analysis of the 2023 NFL Calendar

Full Betting Analysis of the 2023 NFL Calendar

The NFL Schedule came out earlier this week. Check out our full analysis of the entire NFL Regular Season schedule from week 1 through week 18.


Full Betting Analysis of the 2023 NFL Calendar

NFL Regular Season: September 7, 2023 – January 7, 2024
NFL Playoffs: January 13, 2024
Super Bowl LVIII: February 11, 2024


NFL Week 1 | Detroit Lions at Kansas City Chiefs

Thursday, Sep. 7

The Chiefs kick off their title defense versus one of the most buzzed about teams in the league, the Detroit Lions. If KC’s defense stops, or even just contains, the Lions fantastic offense, forget about it. KC will be the team to beat to lift the Lombardi.


NFL Week 1 | Las Vegas Raiders at Denver Broncos

Sunday, Sep. 10

Say what you want about free agency and the NFL Draft. The biggest news this offseason was Denver signing former New Orleans head coach Sean Payton to right the sinking ship that is the Denver Broncos. Can Sean provide some of that magic he displayed in the Big Easy to get the Ponies back on top?


NFL Week 2 | New York Jets at Dallas Cowboys

Sunday, Sep. 17

While he played for the Cheeseheads, Aaron Rodgers routinely terrorized the Dallas Cowboys. Things are different in New York than they are in Green Bay. The jury will be out. Also, how good this season, really, is Big D?


NFL Week 3 | New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers

Thursday, Sep. 21

The 49ers will enter the season the second choice after KC to win the Super Bowl. The Giants were a surprise team in Brian Daboll’s rookie season. Are the G-Men legit? Or was 2022 a one-and-done?


NFL Week 4 Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills

Sunday, Sep. 1

The Fins improved during free agency and in the NFL Draft. But Miami must prove they’re as good, if not better, than the current kings of the NFC East, the Buffalo Bills.


NFL Week 5 | Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers

Sunday, Oct. 8

The Cowboys believe they’re the class of the NFC. The 49ers know they can win the Super Bowl. Although still early, this could be one of those pre-halfway through the season games that determines playoff seeding.


NFL Week 6 | Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars

Sunday, Oct. 15

The two AFC South squads everyone believes wins the division are the Jacksonville Jaguars and Indianapolis Colts. It’s possible, actually, probable, the Colts start top draft pick Anthony Richardson. The Jags send one of the best quarterbacks in the league to the field in Trevor Lawrence.


NFL Week 7 | Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots

Sunday, Oct. 22

Buffalo’s implosion in last season’s playoffs was a dire sign. The New England Patriots might be going through a rebuild. But do you really want to go against Bill Belichick? For some reason, this game feels like it will be ultra-meaningful. Never discount the Bill Factor.


NFL Week 8 | Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos

Sunday, Oct. 29

By NFL Week 8, we’ll know if the Broncos can challenge the Chiefs for the AFC West title. Kansas City is the class of the division. But Payton is a master at getting the most from his players.


NFL Week 9 | Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles

Sunday, Nov. 5

The Cowboys and Eagles bumped heads all season long. 2023 should be no different. Philadelphia strengthened their defense by drafting a couple of UGA star players in Jalen Carter and Nolan Smith. The Boys should continue to field one of the league’s top offenses. Epic is the best word to describe this matchup.


NFL Week 10 | Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears

Thursday, Nov. 9

Rookie quarterback Bryce Young leads the Panthers to Soldier Field to take on Justin Fields and the Bears. Young versus Fields should be one of the most entertaining quarterback matchups of the season.


NFL Week 11 | Philadelphia Eagles at Kansas City Chiefs

Monday, Nov. 20

It’s a Super Bowl rematch when Jalen Hurts and the Eagles take on Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs in KC. Both teams should have the top record, or be no more than a game off, in their respective conference. Eagles at Chiefs is a game you for sure must circle.


NFL Week 12 | Miami Dolphins at New York Jets

Friday, Nov. 24

For the first time in history, the NFL turns on the Friday Night Lights when the Dolphins travel to the Meadowlands to take on Rodgers and the Jets. Which team gets it done in what could be a game to determine the team that has the inside track to the AFC East title?


NFL Week 13 | Cincinnati Bengals at Jacksonville Jaguars

Monday, Dec. 4

Joe Burrow versus Trevor Lawrence will be a great quarterback duel. Not only that, but the Bengals and Jaguars should be two of the best teams in the league. So this could be a game for the top seed in the AFC Playoffs.


NFL Week 14 | Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

Sunday, Dec. 10

The rematch between Philly and Big D last season was as fantastic of a football game as you’re ever going to see. This game should be just as terrific. Plus, the NFC East could be up for grabs when the Eagles land in Arlington.


NFL Week 15 | New York Giants at New Orleans Saints


Sunday, Dec. 17

We’ve got the feeling Giants at Saints in NFL Week 15 could be a playoff eliminator. Neither team is a lock to win their division. But the team that wins this game on Dec. 17 should be in line for at least a wildcard berth.


NFL Week 16 | Las Vegas Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs

Monday, Dec. 25

One of the most storied, and heated, rivalries in the NFL is Raiders versus Chiefs. The Raiders consider Kansas City their top rivals. Not the Chargers and not the Broncos. It’s the Chiefs.


NFL Week 17 | Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs

Sunday, Dec. 31

KC has a brutal schedule. By NFL Week 17, some good teams, KC and Cincinnati might be two, will be fighting to win their division. Burrow versus Mahomes is always a great matchup and if there’s something on the line, expect even more fireworks.


NFL Week 18 | Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers

The most classic of all NFL rivalries closes out the regular season. Justin Fields and the Bears head to Lambeau to take on Jordan Love and the Packers. Circle this game and watch two of the best young quarterbacks go at it for what we predict is a wildcard spot in the NFL Playoffs.

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