NFL Philadelphia Eagles Offense In-Depth Betting Analysis

NFL Philadelphia Eagles Offense In-Depth Betting Analysis

When looking ahead to the new NFL season and trying to figure out how a team might perform over the course of the year, there are several things that you need to take into account. You, of course, need to look at the offensive and defensive units of each team to see where their strengths and weaknesses might lie. You also need to look at the division that they play in, as that could have an impact on their overall chances. After all, the Washington Football Team went to the playoffs last season despite finishing below .500, and all because they played in the weak NFC East. Will that division be better this season, and what role will the Philadelphia Eagles offense play in making that division stronger? Let’s take a closer look at the Philadelphia Eagles and try to predict how they might look in 2021 so you can plan your bets against their NFL odds.

Philadelphia Eagles Offense Expert Analysis For the 2021-22 NFL Season

The Eagles Offense in 2020

There are times when you see a coach and a star player butt heads, and if there is one thing that we have learned in those situations, it’s that it tends not to end well for one of them. Last season, the Eagles parted ways with coach Doug Pederson after an apparent rift with QB Carson Wentz. It seems like there was plenty of blame to go around, though, as Wentz ended up being traded away to the Indianapolis Colts.

Big changes were not that surprising when you consider what the Eagles delivered last season, finishing bottom of the NFC East with a 4-11-1 record. There was a lot of blame to go around, but the offense really did little, finishing in the bottom third in the league in YPG with 334.6, as well as managing just shy of 21 PPG.

With just 208 YPG in passing, the Eagles found themselves down near the cellar in the NFL, although they were in the top 10 in rushing, averaging 126.7 YPG. A lot of the credit for that goes to Jalen Hurts, who took over at QB during the season and looked the part as a dual threat QB. This will be his team to lead this coming season.

The Eagles Offensive Outlook in 2021

As far as 2021 goes, there are some things that are clear, while others are a little confusing. Jalen Hurts will be the starting QB for the Eagles, with Nick Mullens and Joe Flacco on the sidelines. With that in mind, expect the Eagles to run the football a lot, with many designed run plays for Hurts sure to be added to the playbook.

Philly did go out and get Hurts some help at the WR position, though, drafting DeVonta Smith in the first round. He will join Jalen Reagor, last season’s opening round pick on what looks to be a potentially exciting young group of receivers.

It is at the TE position where things begin to get a little tricky. At the end of last season, it looked as though Zach Ertz had played his last game as an Eagle. He is still in Philly, though, as the Eagles have reportedly turned down several offers. Unless something happens soon, Ertz will play out the final year of his contract alongside Dallas Goedert.

The Eagles do have some talent on offense, but a lot is going to depend on how Hurts performs in his first full season as a starter.

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