NFL 2021 Wins/Loses Record Betting Predictions For All The Teams

NFL 2021 Wins/Loses Record Betting Predictions For All The Teams

Written by on May 19, 2021

The NFL added an extra game this season, which means teams will play a total of 17 contests. With the bye, that makes 18 weeks. MyBookie has posted over and under total victories for every NFL squad. Check out our game totals season predictions for every National Football League franchise so you can plan your bets against their NFL Team Totals odds.

NFL 2021 Regular Season Schedule | W-L Predictions for Every Team

2021-2022 NFL Regular Season

  • When: Sep. 9, 2021 – Jan. 9, 2021

AFC East

  • Buffalo Bills

The Bills are tied with the Colts for the twenty-third easiest schedule. The difference? Carson Wentz throws for Indianapolis while NFL MVP contender Josh Allen sits under center for the Bills.

Prediction: 13-4

  • Miami Dolphins

The Fins and Broncos have the twenty-seventh easiest schedule in the NFL this season. Miami drafted one of Tua’s favorite targets in college, Jaylen Waddle. If Tagovailoa and Waddle click, forget it. This team won’t lose more than 5 but the defense rocks. 

Prediction: 12-5

  • New England Patriots

The Patriots just signed Brian Hoyer. New England will bring 4 quarterbacks to training camp. The only way to explain it? Mac Jones won’t be ready and neither Bill Belichick nor Josh McDaniel have faith in Cam Newton. 8-9 is the call.

Prediction: 8-9

  • New York Jets

A new attitude will help the Jets, no doubt. Unfortunately, J-E-T-S needs a lot more work to do to contend with Miami and Buffalo. So that’s 4 losses right there. NYJ must also play Tennessee, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Indianapolis . . . you get the idea.  

Predictions: 6-11

AFC North

  • Pittsburgh Steelers

The toughest schedule in the league, an aging quarterback, a top rival in the Baltimore Ravens, and two up and coming squads in the Browns and Bengals. That’s what Pittsburgh has to look forward to this season. 

Prediction: 8-9

  • Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore has the third most difficult schedule in the NFL. They also traded away their starting right tackle and, hate to write it, but the jury remains out on whether their quarterback can win games with his arm.

Prediction: 8-9

  • Cincinnati Bengals

It’s difficult not to like the Bengals this season. But no quarterback, not even Joe Burrows, can have success if he must throw the ball while consistently evading the rush. 

Prediction: 5-12

  • Cleveland Browns

Here’s your AFC North winner. Ever team in the North has a brutal schedule. So the Browns won’t win homefield. But they should take the division. Then, once in the playoffs, they can make some magic. It’s all about Baker, right?

Prediction: 10-7

AFC South

  • Tennessee Titans

The Titans schedule isn’t easy. But they should grab an easy 4 wins after facing the Jaguars and Colts twice. Heck, an easy 6 because the Colts could take a backwards step with Carson Wentz at quarterback. 

Prediction: 11-6

  • Jacksonville Jaguars

Trevor Lawrence is a good quarterback, but, man, the Jaguars need a lot. We don’t know if Urban Meyer’s skills translate to the NFL. The schedule is the eighteenth most difficult in the league. There’s a lot going against the Jags this season. 

Prediction: 3-14

  • Indianapolis Colts

Awesome offensive line? Check. Great defense? Check. Playoff winning quarterback? Not so much. Going from Philip Rivers to Carson Wentz doesn’t help the Colts. Don’t get us wrong, Indianapolis will win more games than they lose, but the Titans should take the division. 

Prediction: 10-7

  • Houston Texans

The Texans offer the longest odds on MyBookie to win the Super Bowl. There’s a reason why. Blame Deshaun Watson all you want, but the truth is that Bill O’Brien, before skating to Alabama to become Nick Saban’s offensive coordinator, destroyed this franchise. It will take years for Houston to contend. 

Prediction: 2-15

AFC West

  • Las Vegas Raiders

The Jon Gruden experiment is going okay. But it’s just going okay. LVR feels like one of those franchises that will forever be stuck in neutral. The Chargers and the Chiefs are the class of the AFC West. Don’t get your hopes up, Raider fan. 

Prediction: 7-10

  • Denver Broncos

The Broncos offer +2000 on MyBookie to win the Super Bowl. Those are lower odds than what the Seahawks and Saints offer. Are we believers? Not exactly. But Denver has made some moves to become a wildcard contender. So we’ll give them a winning record. 

Prediction: 9-8

  • Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City traded for Orlando Brown to play left tackle. Brown’s natural position is left tackle. He should help Kansas City dominate the AFC. 

Prediction: 14-3

  • Los Angeles Chargers

First-round pick Rashawn Slater will give Justin Herbert plenty of time to throw the pigskin. If everyone on the defense stays healthy, the Chargers will have a top ten unit. Bolts can make the playoffs. 

Prediction: 11-6

NFC East

  • Dallas Cowboys

Going into the draft, the Cowboys knew they had to shore up their defense. Dallas used their first three picks on D. If Dak Prescott comes back one-hundred percent healthy, Dallas should win the NFC East.  

Prediction: 11-6

  • Philadelphia Eagles

It’s difficult to know how good the Eagles will be. The changes are significant. Jalen Hurts does get a potential WR1 in DeVonta Smith. But the defense looks mediocre at best and Hurts hasn’t started for a full season yet. 

Prediction: 5-12

  • New York Giants

No excuses for Giants’ quarterback Daniel Jacobs. He’s got plenty of weapons, Kenny Golladay, John Ross III, Kyle Rudolph, a healthy Saquon Barkley, and Round 1 pick Kadarius Toney all call the Meadowlands home. It will translate to more wins, but not enough for a winning record.  

Prediction: 7-10

  • Washington Football Team

Ron Rivera is a wizard. After a single season at the helm, Rivera has turned the Washington Commanders defense into one of the best in the league. The WFT should surprise with another winning season.

Prediction: 10-7

NFC North

  • Green Bay Packers

If Aaron Rodgers plays, the team will win 11 to 12 games. If Aaron Rodgers doesn’t play, the Packers could end up out of the playoffs. We’ll split the difference and say they go 9-8.

Prediction: 9-8

  • Detroit Lions

Detroit is in a rebuild. Motor City is playing for the top pick in next year’s draft. Luckily for the Lions, they won’t have to tank any games to reach their goal. 

Prediction: 1-16 

  • Chicago Bears

Justin Fields is a huge step up from Mitch Trubisky. We can’t get too excited, though, because Fields remains a rookie. Also, the defense showed wear and tear last season. 

Prediction: 7-10

  • Minnesota Vikings

There’s no reason why the Vikings shouldn’t make the playoffs this season. They’re definitely good enough. Everyone must stay healthy, especially running back Dalvin Cook. Minnesota’s got a tough schedule, though. We’re thinking 9 wins, which might be good enough to take the division.

Prediction: 9-8 

NFC West

  • Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals passed on drafting a top offensive lineman. Kyler Murray has plenty of weapons. But the jury is out on the defense. Also, the NFC West is the deepest division in football. 

Prediction: 9-8

  • Seattle Seahawks

Seattle’s biggest issues will be on defense, where they mortgaged the farm for safety Jamal Adams last season, and protecting Russell Wilson. The Seahawks should struggle to make the playoffs in 2021.

Prediction: 8-9

  • San Francisco 49ers

The Niners are one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl. Sure, they don’t offer Kansas City or Tampa Bay odds, but they do offer less than +1500. That makes them one of the favorites. Why? It appears SF was serious when they said they’d start Jimmy Garoppolo this season while quarterback Trey Lance learns from the bench. The defense remains one of the best units in football and the rushing game is intact. SF is a top Lombardi Trophy contender.

Prediction: 11-6

  • Los Angeles Rams

So are the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams should have no trouble scoring points with the terrific Matthew Stafford at quarterback. Los Angeles’ defense should be a top five unit. Make the Rams the division winner. 

Prediction: 12-5

NFC South

  • Atlanta Falcons

It’s hard to see the Falcons making waves in the NFC South. New Orleans should be much better than many believe while the Buccaneers head into the season with the twenty-ninth ranked defense. 

Prediction: 5-12

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Unless Tom Brady implodes, which he won’t, the Buccaneers should win 14 to 15 games. Yes, Tampa Bay is that good. It’s starts on defense where the Bucs will field the best unit in the NFL. All Terrific Tom must do is hand the ball off to Fournette and then throw the ball 10 to 15 yards downfield and let his talented recievers do the rest. It helps that the defending champions have one of the easiest schedules in the league.  

Prediction: 15-2

  • New Orleans Saints

The Saints are a much better team than people think. Anybody who didn’t believe Sean Payton when he said he thinks Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill at quarterback are good enough, haven’t followed New Orleans football the past ten years or so. New Orleans drafted defensive players with their first couple of picks. The Saints win 11. 

Prediction: 11-6

  • Carolina Panthers

Sam Darnold should help Carolina. But it will take at least a season before everyone gets on the same page. This season, Matt Ruhle’s squad should come close to a winning record, but fall short by a couple of games. 

Prediction: 7-10

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