Must Bet Odds & Props for 2017 NFL Season

Must Bet Odds & Props for 2017 NFL Season

Written by on August 28, 2017

It doesn’t matter if you just want to give someone some ‘props’ – or maybe get some ‘mad props’ that are long overdue. Nonetheless, it’s not important if you simply love the word ‘props’ or you’re just some dude that used to use the word frequently back in the day. Therefore, all you need to know is that this look at the must-bet props for the 2017 NFL schedule are just for you – your props-lover you! props präps/ noun informal noun: props
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Here’s a Closer Look at the Must Bet Odds & Props for 2017 NFL Season


Raiders Player to have More Yards

Marshawn Lynch Amari Cooper Michael Crabtree Analysis: When last we saw Marshawn Lynch in 2015 =, he was no longer the workhorse he had been (417 yards) for the vast majority of his career. Thus, Michael Crabtree is a great possession receiver, but he’s really not beating anyone deep for big gains. Hence, that means that young star wide receiver Amari Cooper is the obvious pick here. Cooper went for 1,070 yards on 72 catches as a rookie in 2015 and hauled in 82 passes last season for 1,153 yards. Pick: Amari Cooper

Best NFL Props Odds for the 2017 Season

How Many games Will Tom Brady Start

16 Games -200 15 games +200 14 Games +400| 13 Games +600 12 games or Lower +750 Analysis: Prior to last season when he was forced by Commissioner Roger Goodell to sit out the first four games of the season for his alleged role in the now, long gone, Deflategate saga, Brady started all 16 regular season games in an impressive seven straight seasons. On the other hand, Brady was injured and lost for the season in New England’s opening game of the 2008 regular season, but prior to that, he also started every regular season game in six straight seasons, to make his total, a mind-bogging, 16 starts in 13 of the last 14 seasons overall.  Still, I’m going with 15 starts in 2017 just because Bill Belichick won’t risk any injury whatsoever in New England’s meaningless regular season finale.

What Will Happen to Johnny Manziel First?

Gets Arrested +140 Starts an NFL Game -190 Analysis: Johnny Manziel is everywhere these days, even down in Costa Rica recently. However, one place he’s not is on a football field near any NFL team. Since being released by the Browns following the 2015 season, Manziel hasn’t really even been mentioned as a possibility for any quarterback-starved franchise. Maybe he’ll get another shot or maybe he’ll be blackballed like Colin Kaepernick, but if I were a betting man, I’m going with the ‘Get Arrested’ pick here! Pick: Gets Arrested

First Head Coach to get Fired

Coach Odds
Todd Bowles (NYJ) +500
Hue Jackson (CLE) +525
John Fox (CHI) +825
Jim Caldwell (DET) +1050
Chuck Pagano (IND) +1050
Bill O’Brien (HOU) +1200
Marvin Lewis (CIN) +1200
Sean Payton (NO) +1400
Adam Gase (MIA) +1500

Todd Bowles +500

While Todd Bowles possesses is one of the best defensive coaches in the game today, I’m also thinking he could be out of the Big Apple in a ‘New York Minute’ in 2017 seeing as how the Jets have one of the most dysfunctional front offices in all of football. 2017 NFL Props: While Todd Bowles possesses is one of the best defensive coaches in the game today, I’m also thinking he could be out of the Big Apple in a ‘New York Minute’ in 2017.

Chuck Pagano +1050

Maybe it’s me, but I’m still wondering how Chuck Pagano even has a job after calling the most insane fake punt in NFL history back in 2015.

Jim Caldwell +1050

Simply put, my guess is that Caldwell makes it through the 2017 season, but that it will be his last in Detroit. Pick: Todd Bowles

2017 MVP

Aaron Rodgers +400

While I’m not picking the Green Bay Packers to represent the NFC in Super Bowl 52, the incomparable Aaron Rodgers is my pick for league MVP as I expect him to put an incomplete Green Bay team with blemishes on his back and carry them, likely back to another conference championship showdown. For me, Aaron Rodgers is undoubtedly the best quarterback in the game today, and can completely alter the course of a game more than anyone else because of his ability to extend plays with his legs and run when necessary. After throwing for an impressive 4,428 yards with 40 touchdown passes and just seven interceptions last season, I’m thinking his second career MVP award could be in order, even if his Packers don’t quite reach Super Bowl 52.
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