Sleeper Teams That Could Reach the NFL Postseason

Sleeper Teams That Could Reach the NFL Postseason

As the National Football League gets its start for the 2023 season, it’s a good idea to continue looking at some of the bets that you can make before the season starts.

This time we want to look at the NFL Playoffs Betting Predictions for Teams That Could Reach the Postseason.

Let’s take a look at those teams for the 2023 season that might reach the NFL Playoffs.


NFL Playoffs Betting Predictions for Sleeper Teams That Could Reach the Postseason | MyBookie NFL Regular Season Preview

2023 NFL Season | 104th season of the National Football League
Playoffs Start Date: January 13th, 2024


Carolina Panthers

NFL Odds to Reach Playoffs: Panthers +200
National Football Conference South division

Why not the Carolina Panthers? We have seen for many years that there is a new team in the NFC South that emerges season after season. Tampa Bay dominated the division for the last several years, and New Orleans has had their run as of late. Atlanta is more of the "sexy pick" to sneak up. 

But why not Carolina? This is a team that is putting together some young, talented players and a roster that is hungry to be relevant in the postseason picture. While this certainly is not something that is a guarantee, at 2/1 odds, this is a team that is certainly worth taking a look at.

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Chicago Bears

NFL Odds to Reach Playoffs: Bears +155
National Football Conference West division

Justin Fields is the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears, and we know the guy is talented.

The Bears’ offensive staff is going to have to make sure they put Fields in a position to succeed and not just run for his life. The Bears’ defense is also something that will need to improve, but the coaching staff has done their work in the off-season. There is a ton of talk about the NFC North being wide open.

That may be true with the loss of Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, but the Vikings are still the defending champions. Chicago will compete, and why not the Bears when you are getting odds like +155?

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Los Angeles Rams

NFL Odds to Reach Playoffs: Rams +280
National Football Conference West division

There are some spots up for grabs in the NFC. Keep in mind making the postseason does not mean you have to win your division.

Sure, Sean McVay has some guys on his roster that have no NFL experience. This certainly is not the Super Bowl roster of a couple of years ago. But, this is still a good core of players, and hungry after a disastrous season last year. The NFC West will feature San Francisco, who is really good, but Arizona and Seattle can be beaten.

Let the rest of the NFC teams beat up on each and take advantage of a softer schedule, and the Rams could be on to something. Certainly worth a look at +280.

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Tennessee Titans

NFL Odds to Reach Playoffs: Titans +248
American Football Conference South division

This is another case of a team in the right spot. The Titans added some offensive help in the off-season and are working to improve that defense. If the Jaguars are the team they are chasing to win the division, they like their chances.

The Colts and Texans do not look to be overly competitive, so there are some wins on the table. The Titans are another team that, at +248, are going to be a fun one to watch in 2023.

We hope this gives you a decent idea of who to look at when betting on the National Football League postseason. Those are some sleepers and should be in a good spot to surprise teams when it comes to the postseason. Good luck with your betting predictions for the NFL!

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NFL Futures: To Reach the Playoffs

NFL To Reach the Playoffs
Team Yes No
Arizona Cardinals +920 -2000
Atlanta Falcons +106 -124
Baltimore Ravens
Buffalo Bills -245 +194
Carolina Panthers +199 -250
Chicago Bears +155 -191
Cincinnati Bengals -284 +222
Cleveland Browns +115 -141
Dallas Cowboys -217 +174
Denver Broncos +179 -224
Detroit Lions 166 +135
Green Bay Packers +181 -226
Houston Texans +480 -699
Indianapolis Colts +340 -460
Jacksonville Jaguars -196 +159
Kansas City Chiefs -460 +340
Las Vegas Raiders +330 -450
Los Angeles Chargers -116 -105
Los Angeles Rams +280 -370
Miami Dolphins -110 -110
Minnesota Vikings
New England Patriots +238 -309
New Orleans Saints
New York Giants +155 -191
New York Jets -131 +108
Philadelphia Eagles -429 +320
Pittsburgh Steelers +124 -152
San Francisco 49ers -429 +320
Seattle Seahawks -121 -101
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -460 +340
Tennessee Titans +248 -309
Washington Commanders +280 -370

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