2023 NFL Week 16 Power Rankings Analysis

2023 NFL Week 16 Power Rankings Analysis

As we head into NFL Week 16, favorites have emerged in the AFC and NFC. The Baltimore Ravens are the AFC’s top squad while the San Francisco 49ers rule the NFC. The Niners and Ravens battle on Monday night in one of the most anticipated matchups of the year.

Where did teams land in this week’s NFL Power Rankings? Keep reading to find out that missing edge that you need to understand this week’s NFL odds for all the games.


NFL Week 16 Power Rankings Analysis | MyBookie Regular Season Preview

2023-24 NFL | 104th season of the National Football League
NFL Week 16: Thursday, December 21st – Monday, December 25th, 2023


1. San Francisco 49ers 11-3

The Niners continue to dominate. In NFL Week 15, it was Arizona’s turn to suffer a blowout loss. San Francisco is so well-respected that they are a -5.5 home favorite over the second team on our rankings in this Monday’s showdown.


2. Baltimore Ravens 11-3

It’s impossible not to like the Ravens. Baltimore’s 24-7 win over the Jags showed why Lamar Jackson and his mates are serious Lombardi Trophy contenders.


3. Miami Dolphins 10-4

Miami’s win agaisnt the Jets was one of their most complete games of the season. The Fins have a chance to truly impress when they take on the Cowboys in week 16.


4. Detroit Lions 10-4

The Lions bounced back form a loss to the rival Bears with a smashing win agianst the Denver Broncos. Beating the Broncos isn’t easy right now. The fact Detroit scored 42 against Denver signals the offense is back.


5. Dallas Cowboys 10-4

After Dallas blew out Philadelphia in week 15, many sang their praises. Unfortunately, the Boys bounced with a stunning 31-10 defeat against Buffalo. Things don’t get easier for Dallas because this week they take on Tua and the Dolphins in Miami.


6. Philadelphia Eagles 10-4

Philadelphia is on a 3-game losing streak. We can’t blame the defense for the loss to Seattle this past Monday night. Matt Patricia called a great game and the Hawks scored just 20. But Jalen and the offense dropped 17. Philly is playing like a tired football team.


7. Kansas City Chiefs 9-5

Sure, Kansas City beat New England by 10. Still, the Chiefs are 2 games behind Baltimore for the AFC Playoffs top seed. So KC fans shouldn’t get too excited.


8. Buffalo Bills 8-6

Buffalo has a chance to win the AFC East. It’s going to take luck, and a Miami implosion, but it could happen. The win over Dallas tells us the Bill are back to playing their best football.


9. Cleveland Browns 9-5

Cleveland has a great defense, maybe the best in the NFL, but the Browns aren’t just winning because of their D. Joe Flacco is having a resurgence. Flacco threw 374 yards against the Bears in the NFL Week 15 victory.


10. Cincinnati Bengals 8-6

Cincinnati rallied to force overtime against the Vikings. Then in overtime, the Bengals defense held tight, and Cincy scored another victory. Jake Browning is going to be a starter somewhere in the league next year.


11. Los Angeles Rams 7-7

The Rams took care of business against the Washington Commanders. The more important game happens on Thursday night because LAR faces 7-7 New Orleans. The winner all but knocks the other out of the NFC Wild Card hunt.


12. Indianapolis Colts 8-6

Of the three 8-6 AFC South teams, the Colts are playing best. Indianapolis didn’t just beat Pittsburgh, Gardner Minshew and his mates dusted the Steelers 30-13.


13. Jacksonville Jaguars 8-6

Trevor Lawrence suffered a concussion in the loss to the Texans. If Lawrence doesn’t play, the Jags aren’t going to win games.


14. Houston Texans 8-6

Houston beat the Titans 19-16 in overtime behind the arm of Case Keenum. The backup must play against this week because C.J. Stroud remains out with a concussion.


15. Denver Broncos 7-7

Beating the Patriots is a must victory after Denver blew it big time in Detroit.


16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-7

Tampa is playing great football. Baker Mayfield led the Bucs to a win against the Packers in Lambeau last week. If TB wins out, they take the NFC South crown.


17. Seattle Seahawks 7-7

Drew Lock played well versus the Eagles, but Philly is in the midst of an implosion. The Seahawks must prove they are playoff worthy in a game against the Titans on the road this Sunday.


18. New Orleans Saints 7-7

New Orleans has looked great in two straight wins agianst the Panthers and the Giants. Unless the Saints beat the Rams at SoFi on Thursday, though, they’ll continue to be borderline Aints.


19. Minnesota Vikings 7-7

The Vikings had a third an inches in overtime against the Bengals. Somehow, Minnesota couldn’t pick up the first down, which is why the Vikings have no shot of winning the NFC North.


20. Pittsburgh Steelers 7-7

The Steelers have lost 4-of-5. The last game, a 30-13 loss to the Colts, was the worst. The good news is Kenny Pickett could play this week and the rest of the regular season.


21. Las Vegas Raiders 6-8

Vegas scored 63 points against the L.A. Chargers. For sure, the inept Bolts had a lot to do with the points allowed, but Aidan O’Connell has begun to play decent football. The Chiefs will struggle to cover the -10 against Vegas this Monday.


22. Atlanta Falcons 6-8

Atlanta scored 7 points in a 9-7 loss to the Panthers. There’s nothing good to say about the ATL’s performance.


23. Green Bay Packers 6-8

Injuries are the reason the Packers have fallen on hard times. The injury issue will continue this Sunday, which means Green Bay isn’t a lock to beat Carolina.


24. Chicago Bears 5-9

Chicago is a tough team to beat. The Browns struggled and the game was in Cleveland.


25. New York Giants 5-9

The Tommy DeVito winning streak came to a sudden end after the Saints sacked TD 7 times and held the Giants to 9 points.


26. Tennessee Titans 5-9

After losing to the Texans, Tennessee will go into full rebuild mode. Will Levis has shown he’s worth keeping as their starter. But the team must improve on the defensive side and the offensive line requires work.


27. New York Jets 5-9

Zach Wilson got hurt, which explains why the offense struggled. But what’s up with giving up 30 to the Dolphins? The Jets have more issues than many of us thought they did.


28. Los Angeles Chargers 5-9

After the terrible loss to the the Raiders, the Spanos Family fired their GM and head coach. Rumor has it, the Bolts are looking to hire Bill Belichick to replace Brandon Staley.


29. Arizona Cardinals 3-11

Arizona played well against the San Francisco 49ers for an entire half. Zona has some decent pieces in which to build a good team. If the Cards has a great draft, they could contend for the playoffs in 2024.


30. New England Patriots 3-11

The New England Patriots are a disaster on offense. The QB situation is a mess. New England will be looking to draft Caleb Williamson, Jayden Daniels, Bo Nix, or Drake Maye come next April.

31. Carolina Panthers 2-12

We rate Carolina ahead of Washington because the Panthers play hard, got their second win of the season in NFL Week 15, and have some pieces to be a good team.


32. Washington Commanders 4-10

D.C. ranks below Carolina because the Commanders aren’t even trying anymore. Yes, it looked like Washington wanted to beat the Rams, but let’s be serious. A full overhaul, new coaching staff, new GM, new player, is going to happen in the offseason.

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That’s our Week 16 Power Rankings. Enjoy the season!


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