The 2019/2020 NFL Betting Guide

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Make sure you keep this page saved somewhere, as we’ll be updating this guide frequently with updated Super Bowl LIV future odds, NFL news developments, and more. We’ve created this guide to provide you with all the information you need heading into the regulatory 2019 season.

So what’s coming this season? We’re going to show you how to bet on the NFL this season like a pro! Football season starts Thursday, September 5th and like previous years the betting odds are starting well ahead of time. For Super Bowl LIII, the New England Patriots rose again to the top of the mountain and won their sixth Lombardi Trophy.

NFL Conference Reviews

In each season of the NFL, there are a total of eight conferences split between the NFC, and the AFC. Each conference contains four teams split based on their geographical location. Here we will break-down a brief overview of each division and the teams that participated in each of them. Be sure to check out each of our team breakdowns, and get all the information you need for the 2019 NFL season.

AFC North

The AFC North division is made up of 8 Super Bowl Championships and 13 AFC Championships. This division is full of rivalries that want nothing more to prove that they’re the top dogs of the division.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been the top dogs of the division for many years running, winning a total of 23 Division Championships, no other team in the division has been able to reach double-digits in division titles. The Steelers have won the most Super Bowls in the division, with 6 Championships the only other team to compare is the Baltimore Ravens with 2 titles.

These two are the only teams in the division who’ve ended up winning a Super Bowl Championship. The Steelers had their share of drama in the beginning of the season with Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown, thus making them miss out the NFL Playoffs in the 2019 season.

In the case of the Ravens, there was a shift in the Quarterback position, with Lamar Jackson taking command of the spot, after Joe Flacco got a hip injury. They won the AFC North in 2018 and made their first appearance in the playoffs since 2013.  They went to the Wild Card round against the Chargers, which they lost.

The Cincinnati Bengals had a predicated record of 8-8 due to them having 3 of their first 4 games on the road with the suspension of linebacker Vontaze Burfict. But they ended the 2018 season in 4th place in the AFC North, with a record 6-10. They started off well, but couldn’t continue the pace.

For the Cleveland Browns, this season was a hell of an improvement. Although they didn’t make the 2018 playoffs, they ended third in the AFC North. And this improvement came to because of their latest addition to the roster, Baker Mayfield, who won the Heisman Trophy in 2017 and started for the Browns in 2018.

Opening Odds To Win The 2019/2020 AFC Championship

Team Odds
  • Baltimore Ravens (TBA)
  • Cincinnati Bengals (TBA)
  • Cleveland Browns (TBA)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (TBA)

AFC East

Known as the most recent “powerhouse” division the AFC East holds 9 Super Bowl Championships and a total of 20 AFC Conference Championships.

The New England Patriots have won 6 Super Bowl titles alone in this division. They’ve dominated their bracket by finishing first 14 times since 2002. They’ll be expected to finish at the top of the bracket again this season. The AFC also produced 3 other Super Bowl Champions, the Miami Dolphins with 2 Super Bowls and the New York Jets with 1 Super Bowl.

The start of the 2018 Buffalo Bills season wasn’t looking good as they played 5 of their first 7 games on the road, then return home to face the long-dominant Patriots. 2019 will probably require a bounce-back season.

With the return of Ryan Tannehill playing for the first time since 2016, the Miami Dolphins were looking to continue to gain momentum the 2017 season, the Dolphins feel like a middling team teetering on another rebuild. Although they had some really good wins, it wasn’t enough to clinch the 1st spot in the AFC North.

If everything goes as planned the New England Patriots will be able to make their patented late-season push. Their season prediction was 11-5 which was done without much ease.

While still rebuilding the New York Jets are heading into their fourth consecutive losing season and eight consecutive years out of the playoffs, in other words, when do they start playing in 2019?

Opening Odds To Win The 2019/2020 AFC Championship

Team Odds
  • Buffalo Bills (TBA)
  • Miami Dolphins (TBA)
  • New England Patriots (TBA)
  • New York Jets (TBA)

AFC South

The AFC South has had trouble performing at the same level as the other divisions, but did have a better improvement in 2018.

The Indianapolis Colts are the best in the division with 2 Super Bowl Championships and 2 AFC Championships but unfortunately were predicted to not win either the Super Bowl or Conference Championship. Most of the Colts success heading into the 2019 season will hinge on Andrew Luck’s availability. The 2018 season was a good one for the Colts, as they reached the Wild Card round, beating the Texans, but lost in the Divisional Round against the Chiefs.

If the Houston Texans can avoid any injuries that plagued them last season, they’ll be among the most talented teams in the NFL this season. They ended first in the AFC South in 2018 and Deshaun Watson came back from injury, leading the team into the Wild Card round, which they lost against the Colts.

The Tennessee Titans ended their season 9-7, marking it their third straight season ending with that record. They had a chance to make it the NFL Playoffs, but lost the opportunity to earn a spot by losing their Week 17 game against the Colts. They might have a better performance this season, but it will depend on the schedule as well.

The Jacksonville Jaguars were predicted to become the AFC South Champions for a repeat of last season, but that clearly wasn’t the case in 2018. They fell into a 7 game losing streak and lost all chances to make it to the post season in Week 14, losing against the Colts.

Opening Odds To Win The 2019/2020 AFC Championship

Team Odds
  • Indianapolis Colts (TBA)
  • Tennessee Titans (TBA)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (TBA)
  • Houston Texans (TBA)

AFC West

The AFC West is one of the most well-rounded divisions over the past 20 years. There’s been a total of 7 Super Bowl Championships, and 16 AFC Championships. Both the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders have each won 3 Super Bowl titles, while Kansas City Chiefs have won 1 Championship.

The 2018 season for the Denver Broncos did not go as expected. Besides adding Case Keenum and other upcoming rookie players, the Broncos failed for a third straight year to make the post season. Late minute injuries were part of that. Plus, they fired Vance Joseph as their head coach. So, it could be an interesting season in 2019.

The Kansas City Chiefs took the 1st place in the AFC West in 2018. They ended the season 12-4, winning their third consecutive AFC West title and their fourth consecutive playoff appearance. They were able to make it to the AFC Championship, but lost to the Patriots in overtime.

The LA Chargers also had a great season, ending it 12-4, getting second place in the AFC West and also made it the NFL Playoffs. They took on the Baltimore Ravens in the Wild Card round, but lost to the Patriots in the Divisional Round. This is a team to keep an eye on in 2019.

The Oakland Raiders had one of their worst seasons since 2014. They ended 4-12 in the 2018 under returning head coach Jon Gruden. They failed to improve their previous season and made them take fourth place in the AFC West. Who knows if they can improve in 2019.

Opening Odds To Win The 2019/2020 AFC Championship

Team Odds
  • Denver Broncos
  • Los Angeles Chargers
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Oakland Raiders

NFC East

No conference in the NFL has been stronger than the NFC East, with 13 Super Bowls and 22 NFC Championships, they have more Super Bowl rings spread out among their teams than any other division in the NFL.

The Dallas Cowboys have won the most Super Bowl titles with 5, Even though their offseasonwasn’t great with free-agent losses and the release of Dez Bryant. But, with the addition of Amari Cooper, America’s Team went on to win the NFC East with a record of 10-6. They were able to beat the Seahawks in the Wild Card round, but once again, failed in the Divisional Round. This time, it was the Rams who took their chance for glory. For 2019, this team is looking fresh and young, so there could be a much bigger improvement for 2019.

The New York Giants were looking to shake off that terrible 2017 season. But the improvement was not much. They ended 2018 with a record of 5-11, just two more wins from the previous year. The 2018 season showed many blown leading opportunities from the Giants, especially during the fourth quarter. They ended 2018 in fourth place of the AFC East, making it their second straight year in that position. This teams needs to shake their roster up.

The Philadelphia Eagles were looking to defend their Super Bowl championship again, but couldn’t complete the goal this time around. Even though Carson Wentz was back, but he was placed in the 3rd quarterback spot due to a back injury. Nick Foles took the starting position and was able to take the team into the playoffs with a record of 9-7. They beat the Bears in the Wild Card round, but the dream of defending the title died against the New Orleans Saints in the Divisional Round. They can make the playoffs again in the 2019.

The Washington Commanders started off pretty solid in 2018. They were able to lead the division with a 6-3 record, but with the loss of Alex Smith to a leg injury, creating a quarterback hangover. Colt McCoy got injured after two games, then Josh Johnson and Mark Sanchez took the role and that made them finish their last 7 games with only one victory, ending third in the NFC East. Who knows how 2019 will favor them.

Opening Odds To Win The 2019/2020 NFC Championship

Team Odds
  • Dallas Cowboys (TBA)
  • New York Giants (TBA)
  • Philadelphia Eagles (TBA)
  • Washington Redskins (TBA)

NFC North

The conference of cold weather and snowed out games, the NFC North has 5 Super Bowls in their history.

The Green Bay Packers were not looking good in 2018. After losing to the Bears in Week 15, there was no hope of making the post season. They ended the season with a record of 6-9-1, making them third in the NFC North. This was the first time the Packers failed to make the playoffs since 2005 to 2006. Also, it was their first time gaining back to back losing season since 1990 to 1991. With a new coach taking command, we might see the Packers rise from the ashes in 2019.

The Chicago Bears gave us plenty to talk about in 2018. They acquired Kalil Mack from the Raiders, which ultimately help pave the way to the playoffs. They ended the season with a record of 12-4, making the first in the NFC North and giving them a spot in the Wild Card round. It was their first playoff and division title since 2010. The Eagles stopped the Bears this time, but this team is one to look out for 2019.

The Detroit Lions have taken under a new coaching staff under Matt Patricia. But that didn’t do much at all. They weren’t able to improve on their 2017 season. 2018 ended with a record of 6-10 and fourth place in the NFC North. They need to build up their roster if they want a chance to return to the playoffs in 2019.

The Minnesota Vikings were one of those teams every one kept their eye on, especially with the acquisition of Kirk Cousins replacing Case Keenum. But they were unable to improve their previous record of 13-3 from the 2017 season. Not sure where the Vikings will go from here.

Opening Odds To Win The 2019/2020 NFC Championship

Team Odds
  • Green Bay Packers (TBA)
  • Chicago Bears (TBA)
  • Detroit Lions (TBA)
  • Minnesota Vikings  (TBA)

NFC South

With the least amount of Super Bowl titles in the history of the conference, The New Orleans Saints and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have both won 1 Super Bowl each (they’re the only teams in the conference who’ve won).The Atlanta Falcons had so much expectation in the 2018 season, as they were top favorites to make it the Super Bowl, especially because it was being played in their home stadium. But many injuries affected the pace of the team and they weren’t able to make it the post season.The Carolina Panthers started off very well in the 2018 season, but were unable to get a good record. They fell into a 7-game losing streak, which ultimately ended their record 7-9. This team still has a spark but needs to work at it again to create a stronger foundation.The New Orleans Saints was going for it all this past season.  They finished the season with a 13-3 record and made it as far as the NFC Championship. Their road to Super Bowl LIII ended against the Rams and in this game, one controversial call changed the course of the game. They will return as favorites to make it to the big game.The Tampa Bay Buccaneers can’t seem to build up a team that has all the tools to be a threat. Ending their 2018 season with 5-11 record and arriving in last place of the NFC South for their eight time in ten seasons is not funny at all. They need a rebuild, seriously.

Opening Odds To Win The 2019/2020 NFC Championship

Team Odds
  • Carolina Panthers (TBA)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (TBA)
  • New Orleans Saints (TBA)
  • Atlanta Falcons (TBA)

NFC West

The West division has seen its fair share of Super Bowl experience, the division combines 13 Super Bowl appearances and a total of 7 Super Bowl Championships.The Arizona Cardinals did not start their season off great. To the point that their record ended 3-13. For their third consecutive season, they were eliminated from playoffs contention. This team is another that needs to rebuild if they want to impact next season.The Los Angeles Rams had their best season since they last went to Super Bowl and that’s what they exactly did in the 2018 season. They made to the big game after many years of not being a powerhouse as they were, ending this season 13-3. But funny enough, that record became the score of Super Bowl LIII, which they lost to the Patriots. The magic wasn’t there and the Patriots camp has way too much experience against this fresh team of youngsters. They could make to the playoffs again, but Super Bowl? Who knows.The San Francisco 49ers had everyone wanting more from them in 2018, after Jimmy Garroppolo’s performance in the 2017 season. But the 49ers were plagued with injuries, Garropollo being one of them. The idea of seeing them in the playoffs again was quickly killed afterwards. They did get records on the defense for interceptions and takeways. But they were last in the league with a -25 turnover differential.With the Rams as a clear favorite to win the division, the Seattle Seahawks are not to be forgotten of what they have. And they did well in 2018, making it to the Wild Card round, only to be taken down by the Dallas Cowboys. The Seahawks are still a tough team and might just have a great lineup for 2019.

Opening Odds To Win The 2019/2020 NFC Championship

Team Odds
  • Arizona Cardinals (TBA)
  • Los Angeles Rams (TBA)
  • San Francisco 49ers (TBA)
  • Seattle Seahawks (TBA)

Super Bowl LIV (54): Early Season Betting Preview

Super Bowl 54 will be hosted in Miami, Florida on February 5th, 2020.The race for the playoffs doesn’t begin till about midway through the season but we plan to keep you posted throughout the season on current standings and predictions.Be sure to check back after Week 1 to see our first update on the NFL standings and playoff details.

Preseason NFL Super Bowl 54 Favorites

New England Patriots (+500): No surprise here, the favorite in the NFL to win the Super Bowl are the Patriots. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick prove an amazing history with New England, making them one of the top three teams in the league. With Brady nearing his retirement it’s only natural that they’ll give it all to stack up as many rings as possible. With their previous track record in the recent years, why would they not be one of the first predictions for Super Bowl 53?Philadelphia Eagles (+900): The Defending Champions naturally have to be considered as one of the favorites to give the championship another run. But especially this year as the Eagles are returning with 19 of 22 starting players from their Championship season, and will once again have that depth in the quarterback position. At this point, we can only assume that the Eagles regardless of which quarterback will play will find success between them.Green Bay Packers (+900): Despite last season’s injuries, Aaron Rodgers will be healthy and that is not sounding good for competitors. Don’t forget Rodgers is still one of the best quarterbacks in the league and with a healthy squad of receivers who knows the damage that they could do this season. We believe the Packers won’t have any trouble making it to the playoffs by the way their roster is looking. The Packers will face their competition in dominating the NFC North, as the Minnesota Vikings have one of the most well-rounded teams in the NFL. Aaron Rodgers has a lot riding on him ‘being the difference’ the Packers are looking for in order to take them back to the Super Bowl.Pittsburgh Steelers (+1000): The Steelers are without a doubt one of the top teams in the NFL this year and one of the favorites to win Super Bowl LIII. Currently, they have some contract issues going on with Le’Veon Bell that will need to be monitored. They’re still sitting with Ben Roethlisberger as a quarterback, and compete in one of the more favorable divisions. They’ve been considered a contender for the league the past 5 years and running.Los Angeles Rams (+1200): Rumor has it the Rams are building something special down in Los Angeles! Coming from one of the bottom teams they’ve worked their way back up to the top and have the roster to back it. With a young team of talent like Jared Goff (QB), Todd Gurley (RB), and Brandin Cooks, Robert Woods, and Cooper Kupp as WR’s, they’re ready to show the league what they’re made of. They’ve also been busy boosting up their defensive line by picking up Ndamukong Suh and Aqib Talib. The Rams are looking very good this year and are estimated to be one of the most valued teams in the league.Minnesota Vikings (+1200): When you hear the word underrated think Minnesota. This season they’ll have one of the most dominating defense lineups in the league and will return with a talented offense led by Kirk Cousins. They have Dalvin Cook healthy returning to the backfield and are definitely being slept on right now by the community. They have one of the most well-rounded teams in the league and are going to prove it to everyone.

Key Takeaways From The 2019 / 2020 Season

Last season we witnessed a few teams make the playoffs that we’re not used to seeing playing in the postseason. Teams such as the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tenessee Titans, Los Angeles Rams, and the Buffalo Bills will look to make a repeat appearance in this year’s playoffs. They’ll be looking to return with something to prove.Teams Don’t Need a Star Quarterback To WinAs seen in Super Bowl LII it is possible to build a winner without the star quarterback everyone expects, it just requires an infrastructure. We’ve seen this between the Eagles and Vikings, their successful run in the playoffs came from having enough stability throughout the rest of the depth chart to withstand a talent drop-off at the QB position. Both teams benefited from a collection of dangerous pass catchers and the innovation of standout play-callers.Another component here is that each of the three aforementioned teams fielded terrific defense in the 2017 season Great defense, complete supporting casts, and schemes conducive the quarterbacks’ success.Flood The Market With Positions NeededThis year’s playoff field included a variety of teams that hammered away at the worst parts of their roster right from the get-go during the offseason. We’ve seen a perfect example from the Philadelphia Eagles whos two biggest weaknesses were their corners and receivers. They responded by signing Jeffery and Torrey Smith as the team’s outside catching threats. The Eagles shored up the corner spots by trading Darby and signing Patrick Robinson to a one-year deal, as well as picking up both Sidney Jones (43rd overall) and Rasul Douglas (99th overall). No one would have guessed the Eagles success prior to the season, or have any clue on how much influence those picks would have towards the teams season.Head Coaches Who Call Plays Are Becoming The New TrendIf the success stories and the latest wave of new hires isn’t any indication, play-calling head coaches are quickly becoming the new standard in the NFL. Let’s take a look at the NFC playoff teams. Los Angele’s McVay, Philadelphia’s Doug Pederson, New Orlean’s Sean Payton, and Minnesota’s Mike Zimmer all call plays on one side of the ball. It’s as if the leading wave of coaches are beginning to understand why they were appealing in the first place. Of course, it’s not as easy as it looks to find yourself a McVay or Pederson, however, teams seem to be searching for this new trend when considering their coaching staff. As long as McVay, Pederson, and San Fransico’s Kyle Shanahan are overseeing entire teams and exploding scoreboards as play-calling experts, teams will continue looking for options who match a similar skill set.